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Belief System November 29, 2007

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What is a belief system, how do belief systems change, how do belief systems relate to religion, and how does a belief system help a person grow?

 Describe the changes in your personal belief system every five year interval of your life.  What do you believe has caused those changes?  Describe your experiences which have caused those changes.


Karma November 13, 2007

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JS Dadaji’s Young Mahatma’s…

Please dicuss with your friends and family, and then share your compiled thoughts and idea’s on this blog regarding the following topic:

 What is Karma?  What is the difference in charging and discharging of Karma before and after taking Gnan?  How is non-violence related to Karma?


Experiences and Questions in Practicing Non-Violence November 8, 2007

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Let’s take the last topic to another level. Please share your specific experiences and applications of non-violence in your day to day life and any questions that have arisen from your experiences. An aptaputra will respond to these questions through our blog.

P.S. Everyone is invited to openly share, discuss, and question.



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JS Dadaji’s Youth Mahatma’s!!!

This week…

Please post your thoughts and understandings on Non-Violence and as it relates to Param Pujya Sri Dadaji’s Gnan.