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Weaknesses… December 6, 2007

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1. Define weakness.
2. Differentiate weaknesses before and after gnan.
3. Differentiate dealings with weaknesses before and after gnan.
4.What role do weaknesses play in family life between parents, spouse, friends etc?
5. How do weaknesses help us grow?
6. Describe specific weaknesses you had before Gnan. What changes did you observe after Gnan? Discuss the results. (Please give specific examples)


8 Responses to “Weaknesses…”

  1. Shaila Says:

    JS All!! It is amazing to read all of your postings…

    In the humblest of perspectives –

    1) Weakness is anything that takes the file #1 “away” from the five aagnas and the Pure Soul. The file #1 will “only” have the “vrutti” or “attention” projected “outward” in places of interest. These are the areas of potential “weakness”. Anything that causes the file #1 to lose sight of the perspectives of ‘real’ and ‘relative’ is a weakness.

    2) Weaknesses ‘before’ gyan would take one and consume them. It would take much time to recover from the effects of the weaknesses as well. There would be much inner and outer turmoil as a result of the weaknesses. ‘After’ gyan, however, the file #1 still faces the weaknesses, however, the power of the interim government ‘pragna shakti’ is hard at work to ‘manage’ the file #1s weaknesses. The Pure Soul within ‘illuminates’ the weaknesses and the interim government ‘pragna shakti’ comes to the rescue! The file #1 will slip and fall still due to the weaknesses, however, is able to get back-on-track quickly and efficiently providing the ‘nischay’ for the ‘real’ is firm.

    3) Dealing with weaknesses ‘before’ gyan meant ‘medicating’ with some other ‘weakness’ in order to put a ‘band aid’ on the weakness. Some eat more than they should, some seek-out the wrong company, some drink alcohol, some smoke cigarettes, some listen to music that is detrimental to them, some seek out inappropriate relationships, some choose not to focus on studies, it depends on what the personality of the person is.

    On the other hand, dealing with weaknesses ‘after’ gyan means utilizing the ‘sat sadhans’ such as tri-mantra, naav kalamo, namaskar vidhi, nischay-vyavahar charan vidhi, kirtan bhakti, seeking out other Mahatmas to share with, going to satsang, reflective writing, self-introspection, pratikraman, samayika… and the long list of more ‘healthy’ means of actually serving to ‘remove’ the ‘weaknesses’ from the root of where they reside.

    4) The role of weaknesses is measured by the relations in the relative that the file #1 encounters the MOST conflict with. Typically, this is where the weaknesses have the most power. Those that are closest to the file #1 know their ‘weaknesses’ better than anyone else and vice-versa! Weaknesses serve as great thermometers to us gaging where we are from ‘within’. If a file that typically ‘irritates’ or ‘agitates’ us comes in and ‘we’ remain ‘unaffected’ within and without then ‘we’ know that our ‘vrutti’ or ‘attention’ is in the correct place. Also, if self-introspection is utilized with all our closest files, ‘we’ can study and research which weaknesses are causing the chaos with our files. Whether it is a weakness of ‘myness or false sense of owernship’, ‘attachment’, ‘greed’, ‘craving for respect’, ‘an obsession with pleasuring the five senses’, or ‘living in a illusion-filled dream world’… whatever the weakness may be, it can be discovered through self-introspection. Furthermore, our closest files are the ones that will serve to be instrumental in helping to ‘illuminate’ those weaknesses.

    5) Our weaknesses will help us to grow because they are humbling! They are the greatest force to ultimately bringing us to divine humility. They also cause us to pray harder and be more devoted to the ‘Gyani’ and our own Pure Soul.

    Please forgive for any errors, misinterpretations or ommissions.

  2. Alpa Says:

    Jai Satchitanand!!
    Great explanation Shailaben. I’m going to answer the following:
    Describe specific weaknesses you had before Gnan. What changes did you observe after Gnan? Discuss the results. (Please give specific examples)

    My biggest weakness prior to having gnan and even now when I’m not practicing and applying the gnan everyday is the wrong belif that “I am Alpa” – the belif that I am this physical body. After receiving gnan, I have the ‘drishti’/vision to see the ‘sudhatma’/pure soul within anyone and see people around me as a ‘nimit’/an instrument bringing me what I deserve based on my karma.

    Changes I’ve seen observed after gnan – my weakness, this wrong belif that “I am Alpa” is helping me to grow in applying gnan daily and become a better observer of file #1 (Alpa).

    Result – Having this vision of my Real Self – I experience greater inner peace, bliss, and have the ability of seeing this world through a beatufiul lense. I strive to not see anyone else’s mistakes but my OWN. Something I look forward to as I grow in practice of gnan daily is living in the moment. I kow this can only happen if my wrong belif weakens and my right belif grows stronger.

    I’ll share one of the best examples w/you:
    One day, I was really angry and upset b/c I’m living soo far away (physically)from my family who’s in texas. I was missing them so much. The thoughts going through my mind were soo crazy..and an amazing thing happened – I became seperate from the experience in mere miliseconds and I saw what Alpa was going through..observed the thoughts and emotions. For me, this was a powerful experience. It happened so naturally and I was able to put things in perspective and apply gnan – I thought to myself that I’m here b/c of my karma so accept it and all the emotions are being experienced by Alpa

  3. Mili Says:

    Alpa, that’s a really awesome experience! I’m so happy for you that you got to experience something as beautiful as that type of seperation!

    One of my biggest weakesses before gnan was my “zeed” – “Kapat”. Just like you Alpa, after gnan I see that the “zeed” and “kapat” was a result of my wrong belief. Although the “kapat” is still there, I have a new vision which helps me see how this “kapat” effects Mili, why it is there, and how to dissolve it slowly. Although, as in my previous posts, staying in gnan on a daily basis is hard work – its all worthwhile when you see the fruits by tackling your weaknesses as a result of Gnan and a new “drashti” through the third eye.

  4. Aakash Says:

    J.S. to all youth!!!

    This is my understanding of weaknesses:

    When I am weak, my enemies have control over File #1. My enemies are anger, sadness, worry, greed ect… Before gnaan, these weaknesses were used as strengths. For example, before gnaan, I used anger and intimidation as a tool to get things done. After gnaan, my eyes were opened and I realized that these tools are infact weaknesses! As I am maturing and growing in Dada’s knowledge, I see that my enemies are becoming more and more visible and weaker.

    SEE YA’LL IN STILLWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Suraj Mistry Says:

    Weakness is the belief that you are file #1. In this wrong belief many other kashayas are developed, such as greed, attachment, anger, pride etc. Before gnaan I was all about pleasing Suraj, believing that everything that was happening was giving him real happiness, when really it is all just temporary and real happiness is what we are in pursuit of. After receiving gnaan about 8 years ago the seed of realization was planted. However, there are still times when I get carried away in relative living and believe that I am Suraj, but as soon as I realize this blunder, I try to remedy it immediately. The mind, body, and speech combination is a beautiful tool if utilized correctly and without attachment and belief of unity. Once you believe that you are one with your mind, body, and speech, then you are wandering off the right path. I find this to be our (the youth) greatest weakness because of the society we live in. We must go to school, go to work, still interact with others as being file #1, but at the same time have sole conviction that I am pure soul and just observing and watch all actions and thoughts. Nevertheless, with genuine sincerity and constant correction of mistakes, we will be able to attain our ultimate goal of perpetual happiness.

  6. Avani Says:

    Well said everyone! I just wanted to add a quote Kanudadaji said in Houston satsang one day that I tie back to Avani’s waaknesses, “When hurt comes, it is healing medicine for your internal diseases.” Internal diseases are our weaknesses- the krodh/ maan/ maya/ lobh/ raag/ dwes- that we experience whenever a circumstance comes our way. Hurt that is felt by Avani and thought to be “mine” shines light to all the things that, despite having gnaan, are still affecting me. In this way, the pain and suffering is healing therapy because they force me to internally reflect upon my weaknesses and apply the agnas to extricate myself from the situation.

    One of Avani’s diseases is her ego – the same ego that stems from the root misbelief that I am Avani. Whenever someone accuses Avani of hurting them, an automatic reflex reaction is for Avani to find a route to save herself from the utter humiliation that she cannot face because of her pride and attachment within. One such incident I can recall that clearly displayed Avani’s weakness was when as a 2nd born child, Avani would pester her elder sister by purposely asking lots of questions and stirring up trouble. Afterall, what is the job of the lil one? Whenever my sister would complain to dad or mom, I would argue that it did not make sense that I caused her pain. Because if it was ME, then everyone else should be just as hurt when I ask them the same questions, but that was not the case. Therefore, it was not my fault at all.

    Looking back at those days, although in a way my childish explanation may be correct, for Avani, this would be using the agna incorrectly. Afterall the practice of the 5 agna is not meant to be applied to anyone but yourself in order to understand where you are lacking or straying away from the innate nature of pure soul- complete bliss. It is now that I understand that rather than coming up with a shield to mask my own actions, I need to observe Avani’s mun vachan kaya and realize the weaknesses that illuminate from feeling the hurt that is not mine, but Avani’s. The same hurt that occurs as a recurrent cycle whenever Avani lapses and doesn’t acknowledge the separation of “I” and “my.”

  7. Sapna Says:

    Jai Sacchidanand!
    ok sorry for the delay..finals are over and im back!

    1) Weakness is giving into your inner enemies and making them your friends.
    2) Before gnaan we weren’t even slightly aware we were doing anything wrong, after gnaan we should be able to observe file number one’s weaknesses and be able to stop sapna from doing it.
    3) I think i answered this in number 2.
    4) A huge weakness and enemy is ego which shows you that you’re always right. This can lead to clashes and arguments with your parents and siblings that are most of the time, pointless and solve nothing. Now I try to to think before anything comes out of my mouth and am observing how much more peaceful the house is.
    5) I think getting rid of weaknesses helps us grow, having a weakness will always hold us back from what we should be doing.
    6) I’ve grown up in Dada, so I can’t really answer this question but I can say that after Dada’s gnaan there shouldn’t be anything we can’t overcome. If you sincerely want to overcome a weakness you can with Dada always there to support you and asking him for shakthi through your entire experience. But your nischay has to be strong and you have to sincerely want it from your heart. Just pretending you want it won’t get you anywhere.

    Jai Sacchidanand

  8. Dimple Says:

    1. Living on as “I am body, this is my speech, my actions, my belongings” and when you’ve forgotten what’s real and relative…that’s the world’s largest weakness and greatest puzzle.

    Where there is ahankar there is weakness, unless the ahankar has been tamed and is unaffected (gnyani’s state).

    2, 3 & 6. Weaknesses were always there, it was Dimple’s decision to ignore it or justify it, however now justification for weaknesses after gnyan is either non-existent, or the awareness of Dimple’s flaws has increased by going against Dimple’s biggest shatru (ahankar). After taking gnyan, understanding our weakness has become like child’s play, while before I was consumed in being Dimple, now I am able to more objectively examine her flaws with a fine-tooth comb.

    After taking gnyan, I see a more responsible Dimple. Responsible as in, not that she is independently capable of being responsible, but she has started to really see her weaknesses and understand them. She also makes an effort to refrain from justifying her weaknesses, and just accepting them as is and continuously asking Dadaji for shakti by utilizing the ‘sat sadhans’ as Shailaben mentioned which is very important when trying to remove weakness.

    I feel as though getting this gnyan is as if we have gotten a doctor’s degree (in a spiritual sense) and now we know what diseases and weaknesses (raag, dhvesh, krodh, maan, maya, lobh) we can possibly have —all we have to do is identify and operate on our own selves in order to become completely disease-free (param-aatma state).

    4. In family life, weaknesses definitely play a role because every member of the family’s ahankars are clashing on the daily basis–with fights and arguments–what in the agnyan dhrasti it was referred to as natural and human, in gnyani’s viewpoint is very abnormal, animal-like behavior.

    5. From my understanding, weaknesses help us to grow “adhyatmik-ly” (pardon the gujarati-english combo) only if it is identified. If weaknesses are covered up with justification, then those weaknesses will not help with adhyatmik growth.

    Apologize for any confusion or mistake in my writing this. And also, please correct me (if possible). After all, we’re all here to learn. 🙂

    JS Mahatmas! Wonderful postings by everybody….Keep it coming!


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