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Puzzle… December 15, 2007

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Dadaji solved the big puzzle. We all saw and felt the puzzle differently. Some of us may not have realized the puzzle because of dissolution in the puzzle itself.

Describe the puzzle you had and how you solved it. What puzzles are you working on currently? Please discuss specifically in your own words.


5 Responses to “Puzzle…”

  1. Kumar Says:


    I was always nice to Chris and did lots for him but he never appreciated and when I needed help he had an excuse. John on the other hand, was not my friend and even though I did nothing for him, he was always there to help me without asking. Now I understand it was all Hisaab.

    My current puzzle I am working on is “I feel like I am the one who is doing all the daily activities, but really it is Kumar who is doing them, and I am just watching.


  2. Shaila Says:

    Dadaji always used to say, “The world is the puzzle itself,” and it always made me wonder about twenty-one years ago when he initially gave me gyan. Those six little words according to Kanudadaji contain the essence of all the shashtras put together! Kanudadaji gave a detailed explanation of this saying and this is how it was understood – The “world” is our own mind-speech-body (maan-vacchan-kaya), the ‘puzzle’ is contained within the realm of the mind-speech-body through the wrong beliefs and ‘kashayas’, and it is ‘itself’ because there is not ONE single paramanu outside the realm of the mind-speech-body that can aid or detract from the mind-speech-body. So, essentially, our universe is our own mind-speech-body. The better we know the mind-speech-body; the better we can manage our own ‘puzzle’! Through the beauty of Dada’s divine separator, we are able to view-know-see the pitfalls, weaknesses, tendencies and habits of the mind-speech-body in order to ‘illuminate’ the way to ‘purify’ the mind-speech-body through the fire-power of the divine knowledge and the grace and compassion of the ‘Gyani Purush’. It is important to understand that this is an inner science to such a great extent that TRULY and ABSOLUTELY there is NOT one ‘paramanu’ that can impact our mind-speech-body and it’s ‘world’ or it’s ‘puzzle’. As Mahatmas it is up to us to fully engage and utilize the ‘Sat Sadhans’ given by Dada in order to allow the ‘pragna shakti’ within to fully blossom so as to enable purification from within and without the mind-speech-body. As this process becomes more-and-more ‘automated’ and ‘effortless’; ‘The world is the puzzle itself’ truly will come to mean the essence of all the shashtras! Life will become more and more like a ‘movie’ with the file #1 as the lead that the Pure Soul is continually knowing-viewing-seeing and pragna shakti is hard at work at purifying! Please forgive for any errors or mistakes in interpretation.

    Jay Sachchidanand…. Dada Bhagavan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho!

  3. alpa Says:

    The universe is our own mind-speech-body…put very beautifully and simply here by shailaben.

    I see it like this, Dadaji has pointed us all towards the same ‘treasure chest’. It’s up to us to make the efforts to grow and utilize all that is in dadaji’s ‘treasure chest’ to navigate in this life. It’s up to us to take what we want. I hope we all can see our own ‘motion picture’ more naturally and effortlessly…
    Happy holidays and New Year!

    Jai Satchitanand!!

  4. Avani Says:

    You know one thing that really sticks out to me about my dad is that when he came to the US more than 20 years ago, he asked for shakti and blessings from AmbalalDadaji that no part of the Western American influence stirs his attention away from his core Shudhatma state. And to this day, my dad remains true to his Indian virtues, which I am so fortunate to view and attempt to carry on. When I just read Shailaben’s entry it all pieced together for me. As she mentioned no parmanu can affect you if you stay in gnaan and view file no. 1 as a separate entity from yourself. This goes back to not being influenced by external negative circumstances whether it be in day to day dealings, or as was for many of our parents, when you come to a new country. I cannot say that I am as strong in battling these parmanus- in fact, I used to always think that as a first generation American, I lost all the benefits of living and being raised with the rich Indian values that my parents always seem to talk about.-but the power of gnaan is forever my key in not letting myself be affected by my surroundings. I strive to view the world of Avani and her internal battles as discharge karma in which there shall be no opinion.

  5. Chetan Patel Says:

    Jai Sachchidanand,

    Before receiving gyan from Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji, I was dissolved in the puzzle itself and did not know that until I received gyan. With Dadaji’s two view points (Relative and Real) the puzzle “WHO AM I ?” is solved for me. For past few years any time I had any kind of puzzle I prayed to Dadaji and the puzzle was solved within few days. We are all very fortunate to have Dadaji with us and I would encourage everyone to pray for Dadaji’s good health.

    C-Ya in Stillwater.

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