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Cash Bank… December 23, 2007

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What is a cash bank? Why is it a cash bank? In the past, what kind of banks have we been dealing with? What is the major difference between these banks?
Through history who was able to cash in? Why could cash banks not operate in the past?
Now share at least one of your experience after you cashed out, and thereafter.

6 Responses to “Cash Bank…”

  1. sonal Says:

    From my understanding cash bank is something you get directly or hand to hand, like we got gyan directly from Dadaji. For me Dadji is the cash bank (mokshdata) b/c I didn’t have to go through various process to get kevaldarshan. Before meeting Dadaji I use to be on kramik marg where I was praying various gods without knowing the truth. But from Dadaji’s gyan now I know that pure soul is separate from body.

    Please forgive me for any Misunderstanding.


  2. alpa Says:

    Ambajlal dadaji had said that doing kirtan bhaki…”dada bhagwan na aseem jai jai kar ho” is one of the easiest cash bank!

  3. Chetan Patel Says:

    Jai Sachchidanand,

    Dadaji’s Akram Vignan is truly THE CASH BANK. It took Dadaji only ONE hour to give us what we had been looking many lives. In the past we have been using Kramik marg, in which there is so many steps involved, just like making payment through checks. And just like checks can bounce there is no telling as to the timing on the kramik marg. What Dadaji has given is absolutely unique and unheard of. Only Bharatraja received this gyan from Rushabhdev. And we are all so fortunate to receive the same from Dadaji.

    Jai Sachchidanand

    C-Ya in Stillwater

  4. Shailaben Says:

    “Cash bank” as Alpa mentioned is what Dadaji referred to as
    Kirtan Bhakti or “Dada Bhagavan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho”. According to His explanation singing Kirtan Bhakti is like singing the dynamically manifested Pure Soul within’s DIRECT glory, therefore, giving rise to “instant cash” like pulling from an ATM machine. The only difference is that the ATM machine is the Pure Soul or “Dada Bhagavan” within. In many ways, the presence of the Pure Soul within IS the cash bank!!! Once the pragna-shakti fullly blossoms, the infinite powers of the Pure Soul, too, begin to fully blossom like they have in Shri Kanudadaji. Each and every Mahatma has been given the same “diamond” of Pure Soul and has the ability to “access” the “cash bank” of their “Pure Soul” as well. How lucky can a hand full of people on an earth with over 6 billion people on it be??? This is not only a tremendous honor but also a tremendous responsibility not to be shouldered lightly! So, with a “cash bank” comes RESPONSIBILITY. Will the “cash bank” be utilized for the eternal and noble purposes or for less-than-noble purposes? Yes… singing “Kirtan Bhakti” is a direct cash bank, however, the “cash” can be spent however the withdrawer deems. Simple living and high thinking according to the Aptaputras is the way to experience life through the nectar of pure knowledge. The more luxury and comfort that is present, proportionately the less the experience of the “inner treasure” of divine eternal knowledge, vision and bliss. In essence, the “cash bank” is the “Pure Soul” that Dadaji has given us in the palm of our immature hands. How we use the “light” that the “cash bank” gives us is the most critical issue for all Mahatmas.

    Please forgive me for any misunderstandings or misstatements that may be present.

    May we all have sat-samyak-sadh bhuddhi on the eternal path to liberation and in the great yagna of jagat kalyan…

  5. Dimple and Avani Says:

    First off, the ideas expressed here came up after having a talk with more senior mahatmas- aka our parents. In fact, when we read the prompt, we both were very unsure of the topic, but these are our compiled thoughts and ideas.
    Cash bank is Pratyaksha Pragat Gnyani Purush ni hajri—Shri Kanudadaji, Shri Ambalaldadaji. Their purity in thoughts, complete discharging bhaav, nishpaksha drashti, and boundless gnyan, darshan, charitra and happiness (sukh) and their possession of the ultimate truths and resolutions to the world’s greatest puzzles is what makes them pujniya. Recognizing gnyani is not only important, but the cashing out once you have found him is very important. Cashing out is complete and total surrendering of mann, vachan, chitt, and ahankar. For example, taking gnyan and doing kirtan bhakti are two ways of cashing out, and for mahatmas after gnyan, applying dada’s panch agnas in our day to day living is the utmost way of cashing out, too.
    Before having met gnyani, we must have been living for infinite lives following the kramik marg. We have believed in an infinite number of bhagwans, practiced an infinite number of religions, to result in our most current body form. Kramic marg ma our belief was that this is God—picture of krishna bhagwan, murti of ram bhagwan, shiv linga, ganesh murti, etc. That type of practice is fine, but that type of bank was like a credit union, we would do bhakti in order to receive something in return. With that agnan ni samjan, bhaav, and nischuy was feeding to result in paap and punya. At this point, we believe that God is doer, so we must please God in order to have happiness in life. It was not until our understanding of Akram Vignan that we learned that by doing aatma ni bhakti, you start getting results right here similar to the liquidity of cash (ready for direct use).
    Doing so for infinite lives, we accumulated punya that we were able to meet, recognize and receive gnyan from Pratyaksha Pragat Gnyani Purush without any effort of our own. After gnyan, we learn how to directly do bhakti of our own aatma, which is paramaatma with aavran. In history Hanumanji was able to “cash in” as he was completely surrendered to Ramchandraji. Also Chetan mentioned above that Bharatraja received this gnyan from Rushabdevji. Pandavas received this gnyan from Niminath Bhagwan. In history these are some figures that “cashed in” at the opportunity.
    So when gnyani is before you, sansar nugami buddhi and ahankar are two shatrus that can bring you further away from him, but if those are defeated, then you are on the path toward enlightenment. Cash banks were not operating in the past because we didn’t have pratyaksha gnani nu marg darshan (guidance). And gnanis in other time periods, would never say that they are gnani, because nobody was able to say so without ahankar coming in the way. In Kalyug, this miracle has occurred after 100,000 years (das lakh varas).
    Apologize for any incorrect or inaccurate phrases or explanations; please correct me if something is wrong as I am also here to learn and share. Thanks,

    Dimple and Avani

  6. Sapna and Yasmin Says:

    As Sapna and I are together this weekend, we discussed the topic of Cash Bank and began to research what we thought a Cash Bank actually is in terms of Akram Vignan and Dada’s Science… with the help of our mothers, of course (Bhavna and Charu.)

    The Cash Bank in our eyes is Dadaji PERIOD. In this sense we find Dadaji to be the infinite flow of “CASH.” This cash is actually the path/journey to moksh. Dadaji has always said, “come take, take, and take” (Lootay etlu looto) … never expecting a return… no loan, no deposit, NOTHING. Dadaji is a completely OPEN DIVINE Cash Bank, just simply waiting to be withdrawn from. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY, as mahathmas, especially the YOUTH ( who can obviously at this time benefit the MOST.)

    Unlike most RELATIVE Cash Bank’s OUR Cash Bank, which Dadaji IS, has no limit. A Gnani Purush’s sole purpose/goal in life is to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is OUR decision to stay on this path. Are we going to take the Diamond or be easily conned into taking the chocolate?

    Jai Sachchidanand.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Sapna and Yasmin.

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