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Eternals Partnership… January 2, 2008

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Name the  partners and their functions. Who are the two most important and active partners?  Which partner is responsible for the cause of the new partnership?

Quantify each eternal.  What are the uncommon qualities of each eternal? Name the place where only two eternals exist?

Why do we need to know and understand the above?  How does this help understand Agnas?

How  many eternals are recognized and understood by the modern scientists?


From Dadaji’s QUote Library 1/2/2008…

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“The way life is lived out as projections is “Karma” and lived out life part is “Karmafal”. This is a very subtle distinction that is dividable in to two exact compartments, that is decision part (Karma) and decided part (Karmafal) or destiny.  Anything beyond these two parts of life compartments that is believed to be as of one’s own power of doership is but an illusion ! It is beyond reach and not within human power, but is ‘ Naturally, Inspirationally, operative as ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidence’ and ‘inner subtle body activities with grosss outer operations’ happen !!!”

-PPS Kanudadaji