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Q & A with Aaptaputra’s for the period of Jan 9 thru Jan 23… January 10, 2008

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Please post your questions in this section.  An Aaptaputra will respond bi-weekly.  You are free to post anonymously.  If you do wish to post anonymously, simply type Anonymous in the name box and type jssyouth@gmail.com in the email address box.

If you would like a detailed and specific answer, please post a detailed and specific question, giving examples to transmit the overall picture.

Your questions will benefit all of our JSS Youth.  Through your questions, you will be instrumental (nimeet) in helping all of us better understand Dadaji’s science.


9 Responses to “Q & A with Aaptaputra’s for the period of Jan 9 thru Jan 23…”

  1. Aseem Says:

    I have been raised with the 5 Agnas, but I am kind of ashamed to say that I don’t understand them completely…least of all #5. What is the purpose of the 5th Agana? Why is it included? What does it mean

  2. Sneha Patel Says:

    How is this science viewed within the context of other religions? Are other faiths or belief systems discredited, or perceived as inferior? Or are they simply viewed as alternative paths to liberation?

    It is my understanding that there is currently research being conducted in India in regards to this science. How has this reseach validated the concepts and ideals taught by Dadaji? Also, how has this research been conducted?

  3. annonymous Says:

    I am Junior in the college. All my friends (American and Indian American) have girl friends. they all talk about good tims etc they have in college life. I am focussed on my study but when they talk to me, I am confused.

  4. Chetan Says:

    Jai Schchidanand,

    The following sentence is from the book titled “Vyavhar Ukele Vitrag Drastiye” page # 157.

    “Atma gnandarshanmaj rahe te ‘sacho purusharth’ che.”

    What type of Atma is refered to in the above sentence? Can you please explain the different stages of Atma? For example, Shudh Atma, Pratishthit Atma, Vyavhar Atma etc.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Is it true that only Mahatma’s are born to other Mahatma’s?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How can we work to erase Mr. Ego. He’s such a strong influence, how can we get rid of him?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I know its wrong to drink alcohol. But I never understood why its wrong. If you are just a casual drinker what is the harm in having one glass of wine a month? I’ve heard in satsung that one can turn into two and two into three and then a drunk. But honestly, that’s not the case with everyone. If one is truly a casual drinker how is one glass of wine every once in awhile bad? Please explain.

  8. Anon. Says:

    I have heard in satsang that marriage to anyone who is not Indian will pull you down in Gnan. But if you yourself stay in Gnan, how would marriage to someone who is not in Gnan pull you down? Also, we know that whatever happens is vivasthit, so if one falls in love with a non-Indian, we should understand that we don’t have control over who we fall in love with right? so then are we to understand that falling in love with a non-indian and as a result falling in level of gnan is all vivasthit?

  9. Raj Says:

    “Tirthankar” state is the final Absolute Experience State result of previous experiment. In anything that is a state of making there is every chance of regression.”

    This is one of Kanudadji’s quotes from the weblog. As I understand it, the first sentence means that the “Final State” of Dada’s gnan has to be worked for and we have to keep experimenting in order to understand it to the full extent. But I am not so clear as to what the second sentence means. Please correct me if I have made any mistakes.

    – Raj

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