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Moment of Silence…Prayers tonight 1/17/2008…8 pm CST, 9 pm Eastern January 17, 2008

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Jaisachidanand Dadaji’s Youth Mahatama’s,
Yesterday, January 16, 2008, at approximately 1:20 pm India time, and 1:50 a.m. United States CST there was a tragic accident near Goa, India which took the lives of two of our youth mahatma’s, one of Dadaji’s Satsungi’s who was looking forward to Gnan, and several of their family.  Twenty Two members of this family had taken a trip to Goa after a family wedding.  They never made it back home.
Our two Youth Mahatma’s who have left us to move on in their path to Moksh were:
Anand Thakorbhai Patel of Detroit, Michigan, and of Mota Vagcchipa, Gujarat in India.  Anand was approximately 34 years of age.  Anand is survived by his parents Thakorbhai C. Patel and Ramilaben T. Patel, his wife Tina A. Patel and daughter Nidhi A. Patel.
Nilam Thakorbhai Patel of Detroit, Michigan, and of Mota Vagcchipa, Gujarat in India.  Nilam was Anands younger brother.  Nilam was approximately 31 years of age.  Nilam is survived by his parents Thakorbhai C. Patel and Ramilaben T. Patel, and his wife Veena N. Patel.
Anand and Nilam were traveling with Anand’s daughter, 5 year old Vidhi and Nilam’s son 4 year old Dhruv.  Both Vidhi and Dhruv have tragically left this world with their fathers.
We had one very devout satsungi amongst our youth who was looking forward to taking Gnan from PPS Dadaji.  She was Anand and Nilam’ cousin.  Dadaji’s Satsungi was: 
Falguni Riteshkumar Patel of Boston, Massachusetts, and Mota Vagcchipa, Gujarat, India.  She was approximately 26 years of age.  She is survived by her parents, Ambalal Patel and Madhuben Patel, her husband, Riteshkumar Patel, her sister, Beeniben Patel, and her niece. 
Falguni’s unborn child has also tragically left this world with its mother.
In total there was 12 fatalities from this accident, 10 of which were all from the same family.  Three children and nine adults.  There were at least 8 very serious injuries on top of the fatalities.  One includes Falguni’s sister, Beeni, who is currently in a coma.
The family of these individuals were not given any information on the death toll or injuries until just a few moments ago.  Anand’s wife is still not aware of the loss of her husband and daughter.  She is on her way to India right now with her baby, where she will be told of the deaths. 
We ask that as a group we pray for everyone touched by this accident, to ask Dadaji to give strength to the friends and family of the deceased individuals, and to give peace to the gone souls.  Additionally, we ask for prayers that Dadaji give strength to those recovering from injuries, and give Shakti to Beeniben to come out of her coma very soon. 
The ten (10) bodies are being transported from Goa to Mota Vagcchipa, Gujarat via ambulances right now.  They should reach the village by approximately 2 am India time, 2:30 pm US time.  Thereafter, we expect that the funeral ceremony’s for this family will occur on or after 7:30 am India time, which is 8 pm US CST.
At 8 pm CST today (Jan. 17, 2008), we ask that all of our youth mahatama’s take one minute of silence,  say Tri-Mantra, and sing Kirtan Bhakti for the peace of our lost Youth Mahatama’s, Youth Satsungi, and their family.  Please notify as many Youth and Adult Mahatma’s as you can to take part in this Nationwide moment of silence, Tri-Mantra and Kirtan Bhakti.
Below, please see a link of the accident that took these lives:
Jai Sachidanand.


10 Responses to “Moment of Silence…Prayers tonight 1/17/2008…8 pm CST, 9 pm Eastern”

  1. Mili Patel Says:

    Jai Sachidanand,

    My prayers go out to the atma’s which have left, for their peace and obstacle free journey to Moksh. My most humble prayers to Dadaji for strength to Ambumama, Madhumami, ThakorMasaji, RamilaMasi, TinaBhabhi, Nidhi, Veenabhabhi, Beeniben, her daughter, Ritesh and his family, Govindmama, Mami, Monojbhai and the entire Vallabhbhai family and family of all other lost and injured. Dadaji, please give them utmost strength to endure this tragic time, let them understand the law of Vivasthit Shakti and Karmic Science, please be with them and take them all into your divine arms and shelter them with your divine power.

    May peace be with everyone who was touched by this tragic event.

    Jai Sachidanand,

    Mili (Dallas)

  2. avani Says:

    My dear Mahatmas,

    When a time as this one comes, it is very difficult to express how to cope with such circumstances. My heart goes out to the lost ones, and my prayers to their Shudhatmas. To all those affected- families and friends- may our arms and ears be open forever to provide you the comfort in these rough times. Please let us Mahatmas be your family, and come to us for anything. You and your loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers always.

    Hai Dadaji,
    Sauv Jivo na Shudhatma ne amara Youth taraf thi, namaskar. Amari khubh bhavana ke sauv jiv ne sukh ane shaanti male. Mahatma na Families ane Friends ne kubh shakti apo aa time ma.
    Jai Satchitanand!

  3. Chetna Says:

    Jai Satchitanand Mahatmas,

    My heart and prayers go out to all individuals affected by this unthinkable tradegy and to the Shudhatmas that have moved on. Hai Dadaji, please be with their families and give them strength to deal with this most tragic event. Ease their pain and help them to accept the outcome of this horrible tragedy.

    Jai Satchitanand,


  4. Vinay Says:

    Jai Satchitanand,

    It is always very difficult deal with situations like these. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been hurt by this horrible tragedy as well as those souls that have proceeded towards Moksh. Dadaji, please give them all the strength and understanding needed to endure the adversity that lies ahead.

    Jai Satchitanand.

  5. Dimple Says:

    This is very difficult news to swallow for file number one –Dimple. Nonetheless, I would like to humbly pray that:

    Hai Pragat Shudhaatma Bhagwan,

    May the mahatmas who passed on attain moksha and forever experience anant sukh of shudhaatma’s presence. Badhane mara vinay purvak namaskar chhe.
    May the surviving family be graced by Kanudadaji’s aseem krupa and blessings with the vision to be able to cope with this difficult time in their life. My condolences to the families.

    Jai Satchitanand.

    Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho!


  6. ajay Says:


    It is sad to hear about the lives that were lost in this tragic accident. May those that have passed find peace and those that are affected, including many of our fellow Mahatmas, gain strength to cope in this terrible time. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    Please join us and the families in a moment of silence at 8 PM (Central Time).


  7. Chetan Says:

    Jai Sachchidanand Dear Mahatmas,

    Past 32 hours have been extremely difficult for Chetan to deal with. I am still having hard time accepting the loss of my cousin brothers and sisters. I still want to believe that nothing has happened. Dadaji please give our family strength to deal with this devastating tragedy and give us strength to pray for those who have left us very tragically. My sincere prayers go out to those who were and are near and dear to my heart. I thank all the Mahatmas for their support and prayers.

    Jasi Schchidanand


  8. Amit Says:

    All JSS Youth,

    I would like to thank all Mahatmas for their support and prayers. Falu’s family and mine are both long time Mahatmas and appreciate your efforts during this tough time. Falu was my bhabi (my first cousin, Ritesh’s wife) and I have been with them for the last four days and have seen first hand the power of our Dada’s gnan and how it can bring light during a time of despair.

    Amit Jayant Patel & Amar Jayant Patel
    (Los Angeles and Amit, now Mumbai)

  9. Raj Says:

    To All of the JSS Youth,

    I was was extremely devastated to hear the tragic new and realize how very difficult it is to cope with such circumstances and stay within the agnas. I just want to let the family of the lost ones’ know that my family and 1 have been praying for the Shuddhatma of those lost ones’ and I wished to express my condolences on behalf of the rest of my immediate family. Jai Sachidanad.

    – Raj

  10. Kshma Krupa Karuna @ Hollywood Says:

    These tragedies remind us of the tremendous value of our human life and how quickly it can be taken from us. On behalf of the Mulji Family, may the Mahatmas, families and friends who have been impacted as well those that have passed their mortal frames find wisdom, peace, solace, serenity and unity in these difficult times. May Dada Bhagavan and His aseem krupa be with them all illuminating their paths and tenderly keeping them protected and able to withstand the daggers in the heart in the soft, tender, loving cushion of His pure love and compassion that IS with us all despite His mortal frame being absent.
    Jai Sat-Chitta-Anand.

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