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Suggestions… January 29, 2008

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JSSYouth is your forum and it’s a platform for you. It was founded with Dadaji’s blessings and Agna.  Accordingly, JSS Youth needs to be formulated in line with the needs of the youth itself.  That’s why we’re asking that you list your suggestions in connection with the topics listed below: 


General:            What you would like incorporated into JSS Youth locally and nationwide for your personal betterment?     


Blog:                 What you like and do not like about the blog.  What should be added to make the blog more effective for you?  Frequencies of different categories – helpful or not. 


Shibir:               We are actively planning our JSS Youth Shibir.  Please offer suggestions.  Suggestions on any level, organization, activities, etc.  


Website:           We are developing a website specifically for JSS Youth.  Please list what you would like to see on the website. What are the useful links that you check daily e.g. weather etc?  What would you like to see at a local level?  If you know some youth websites that you would like to see our site modeled after, please list those.  


You are welcome to post on the Blog or reply directly via e mail at jssyouth@gmail.com.  Or you may post anonymously on the blog.  There will be a youth committee meeting in the near future and all suggestions and comments will be discussed fully at such meeting.


On another note, Answers to Q and A with Aptaputra will be posted sometime in the later part of this week.  Be on the lookout for your answers!


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