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Engagement News for Jason Kiranbhai Patel… February 11, 2008

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JS Dadaji’s Young Mahatma’s,

Most of you know Kiranbhai and Lataben, hosts of Gurupurnima 2007 San Antonio, Texas.  Their younger son Jason recently made a trip to India to visit family – he ran into his soulmate instead!

Jason Kiranbhai Patel (26) of San Antonio, Texas weds Jasvantiben Patel(22) of Surat, India on February 14, 2008 at Mahavidehkhestra Temple in Surat, India.  The wedding ceremony will take place in the Kirtan Bhakti Room of the Temple.

 You may send your personal Congratulations to Jason via email at kp121451@yahoo.com

 Congratulations Jason and Jasvanti !!!

Jai Sachidanand!


One Response to “Engagement News for Jason Kiranbhai Patel…”

  1. Dimple Says:

    Congrats to Jason and Jaswanti! 🙂 Same rashis, too–that’s wonderful news! May you be blessed by Dadaji forever, and with His karuna and krupa, continue to apply this divine vignan to your everyday lives. All the best!


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