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Breakfast with PPS Kanudadaji… February 19, 2008

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Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji’s Satsang: “Let us come to the Basics!”PPS Dadaji

We have invariably found that Dadaji’s Satsang on the breakfast table, though very brief at times, but it is of enormous depth. Such was the pre-breakfast Satsang we had today, on the final day of the Annual Flag Changing Ceremony i.e. on 29th morning, at the Surat Temple.

Today, we all had got up early and were ready by 6.00AM. Even Dadaji was ready and was doing His Vidhi. As a good foresight, I went to the Kitchen to inform that today, they should prepare the breakfast a bit early. On returning to the Room i.e. B110, [the usual dwelling of Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji in the Surat Temple] I found that He was already talking to a Mahatma. I simply sneaked away gently and sat listening to the magnificent conversation that was going on:

Mahatma: Dadaji! It is now more than 20 years but surprisingly, I am unable to fix my daily schedule of Prayers [Vidhis]. I just fail to understand this!

Kanudadaji: Are you going to sing the same song again and again! Past is past after all and has gone forever. Today, if you remember the past it isn’t going to help you or improve the present. In fact, it brings back all the effects of the past in the present! And this is how you damage your present. You should just start reading from the Prayer Book – “Charanvidhi.” Remember, as much you read that much you would be benefited. Today, whatever bliss we see in the mahatmas, is because of this. This is truly the Bliss of the Soul. So, you should keep organizing and should not recollect the past at all. Just pick the “Charanvidhi” book and read attentively viz. “Dada Bhagavan! ne trikal Namaskar, Namaskar, Namaskar…” and thoroughly practice it with complete attention on each and every word, hyphen, comma, apostrophe etc… on every punctuation mark! Cramming it or somehow finishing it isn’t important at all. Though you might have done the same until now! Forget all that and start afresh! Conscientiously do it! In exception, it doesn’t matter even if you finish it in two sessions. It might take half an hour to 45 minutes but keep doing it regularly. You should practice it like a child… A for Apple; B for… Let it just happen. Gradually, you will notice that this time will reduce. And when it comes to… somewhere less than 10 minutes it is ideal!

Further, practice the same thing viz. “Dada Bhagavan! ne trikal Namaskar, Namaskar, Namaskar…” but now with Eyes Closed! Again try reading the same way with full attention and you will find that you might take some more time. Here also you would notice that the time would gradually reduce. Let this also come to less than 10 minutes! Basically, I am trying to show you the method of purifying your ‘Reflective Consciousness’ i.e. “Chitt.” In turn what would happen is your ‘Seeing’ power would drastically improve. [He showed us the way of “Darshan Shooddhi.”]

Still further, try reading the Vidhi viz. “Dada Bhagavan! ne trikal Namaskar, Namaskar, Namaskar…” and now with Open Eyes! Here the physical eyes are not reading at all, still you would see the words, and all the punctuation marks very clearly as before. This is reading through the inner ‘Seeing’ power [Darshan Shakti!] This might take more time in the beginning. But even in this case you would notice that the time gradually reduces. Here also when it comes to somewhere less than 10 minutes it is ideal! Here, I am trying to explain you how to climb the ladder of the progress.

Dadaji immediately looked at me and asked whether it would be of any help to me? I acknowledge it. He told me to pass on to the other Aptaputras also. This is very subtle. However, this progression would take a very long time. This cannot be achieved overnight! That is the reason we keep telling you, spend time in self-study [Swadhyay]. The very purpose of Self-study is this i.e. “Darshan Shooddhi.”

Such slackness will not work anymore. Imagine, those sages who stayed in the jungles, they never moved around with fear but they always moved around with courage! At the same time they never scared anybody! They did come across dacoits and wild animals, but nowhere did they show any signn of surrender. What if others feel like that? Or others feel bad! And so on… You should remain firm with right understanding. So, principally you should remain clear and also become an example of clarity to others!

Every time after the Vidhi is over, chant “Dada Bhagavan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho!” for at least 8minutes.

And then take “Aptavani” and “Aptasutra” and read them. One person should read and others should simply listen carefully. Nobody should ask any questions. If someone doesn’t understand anything, he should make a personal note of it and when Dadaji is around or any Aptaputra is there he can get his doubts clarified. The reader also would never try to explain anything. Everyone should maintain what is called a ‘Spiritual Diary.’ Here they should make important notes of understanding, clarifications and doubts, if any. Dadaji said He had also maintained a similar Diary from the day one after getting Gyan from Dada Bhagavan, way back from 1963! And now, that the whole world is bare for Him, He said He destroyed all of them just a few years back. Some of them could be with Ba. So, every individual has to keep his own diary. Let things be written in coded form, if needed. But this is a very good practice.

Now, regarding the Kaviraj’s Pad, only those Pads should be sung, which others could easily follow. Bringing a variety in the Pad isn’t important at all. After all, the purpose of singing the Pad is to enhance our ‘Seeing’ and “Knowing” qualities! I.e. Upayog – the natural quality of the Pure Soul, and which I am!

Did you understand? Now explain it to others. Subsequently, Dadaji went to His room to finish His Vidhi and I went to get His breakfast. It seemed as if, I had already got my breakfast!

O Omniscient “Dada Bhagavan!” O Living God Manifest “Kanudada Bhagavan!”

Please pardon all of us for the entire slips in following of Your Agnas and shower Your Infinite Blessings on all of us such that we remain totally sincere to Your Agnas only and may we naturally accomplish our “Real” Well Being!