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Dada and Me… February 29, 2008

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By: Rashmi Morani


            As I pondered upon an experience to share with all mahatmas, I wondered how I would single out just one as I believe my whole life thus far has been an experience in itself. So I decided to discuss the first experience with Dadaji’s gnan that I distinctly remember.  This incidence occurred in Kano, my small hometown in northern Nigeria. In third grade at that time, I had an Indian teacher at school who displayed a continuous hostile behavior towards me.  Not being able to understand the reason behind this attitude, I waited for a few weeks before mentioning it to my father. My father who had already been given gnan by Dadaji explained that he was going to say a little prayer that would completely solve my problem and instructed me to repeat each and every word. Apart from repeating his words, I had to sincerely repent for any mistake committed by me towards her even though I felt I had done no wrong.  So I sat on my father’s lap and repeated after him this miraculous prayer. Coming from a Sindhi family and not knowing any Gujarati, I thought the prayer came close to never ending as I felt my father went on for such a long time. The next day, I anxiously went to school to see whether this prayer had been successful. I was about to enter my class when the teacher called my name from the hallway and lovingly inquired how my day was going. It was like she was a different person as I could not believe she had changed so much overnight. Being naïve at that age, I ran to tell my father after school that his magic prayer worked and to ask whether I could use it on other people. My father laughed and explained that there was no magic in that prayer, it was the strong repentance I felt from inside that changed her attitude. Years later I found out, the prayer was the ‘Pratikraman Vidhi’ which Dadaji has provided to us as our magic eraser which we can use to omit any mistakes committed in our present and previous lives. If a strong feeling of regret could help a seven years old without gnan, we can let our imagination explore its effect after having received this gnan lottery.

            In a recent celebration in Mumbai, Kaviraj Navneet Saheb was felicitated for being one of the pillars of this satsang. This prompted me to share an experience which reflects the effect of his consecrated words. My family was a social Sindhi family that consumed non-vegetarian foods. After meeting Dadaji, we realized how sinful these acts were and made an effort to quit it all. But since man has commonly been overcome by his weakness, I found it a bit of a challenge to curve my temptations. My mother always played a Kaviraj pado cassette every morning and one day I happen to catch a line of a pad, “Aadat majboori mein, shubh bhaav pragat kar de.”  I was stunned by this and waited for the aptaputras that summer for a detailed explanation. They kindly explained that it meant any weakness and temptation in life could be overcome by a strong pure bhaav. By asking Dada Bhagwan for strength, a strong desire to refrain from any negative acts can help one quit a lifelong habit and will even keep any bad temptation from affecting you. It has been over a decade since we quit eating non vegetarian foods and I continue to keep this teaching in mind anytime I feel Rashmi being dragged by any outside negativity. I saw the effect of a strong bhaav even as I was preparing to come to America to study; I made a bhaav that wherever I am I should always be close to Dadaji’s satsang as it had been my way of life since childhood. Not only was I graciously welcomed by a mahatma’s family on my arrival but I got the opportunity to attend weekly satsangs and guru poornima celebrations for the last two years. This just exemplifies the fact that if one line of Dadaji’s pado once understood can trigger life changing moments, understanding all of Kaviraj Navneet Saheb’s pado will enable us to live our lives based on Dadajis teachings, be instruments in jagat kalyan and move inches closer towards ultimate liberation.

Dada ka sudarshan duniya ko dekha denge!

Jai Sachchidanand….

Rashmi .C. Morani

Age – 19yrs

Indianapolis, IN