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From Dadaji’s Quote Library 03/31/2008… March 31, 2008

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  “If one understands the real friendship aspect, one would never have feelings of enmity towards     anybody outside, eventhough faced by one who is enemy- like.”

-PPS Kanudadaji


How Dadaji’s knowledge and grace helped me save from living in a wasteful state. March 26, 2008

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 Om Namah Dada Vitragai!

I received gnaan from Kanudadaji on Spetember 15th, 2001.  This last year I have been very fortunate to be living at home during my first year of college.  I had the chance to learn many lessons that most people do not realize until much later in life.  Instead of looking back and regretting, I am lucky enough to have parents that have shown me the right path before I made any mistakes.  In just this one year, I feel like I have progressed in gnaan more than I have over the last 6.5 years combined.  The reason for my growth can give only be attributed to my mother and father.

     Dadaji has always said, “Mabaap ni aashirvad vagar, maarathi pan kai nee thai.”  I have to thank my parents for raising me the way they did.  I can honestly tell you that without their guidance, I would not be half the person I am today.  To prove my point, I want to share an experience I had in my last year of high school.

     I have always been a very outgoing person who constantly had to busy, be around people, be active.  Ghare beti-ne akraaman jevo thatho mane.  I never understood why my mom would be so strict and only let me out of the house on very rare occasions.  I used to get furious and fight with her almost every week, asking why she was holding me captive.  I was confused since they knew and trusted that I would never do anything wrong.  All I was asking was to be able to spend a few hours with my friends from school.  My intention was never to go against what I knew was wrong (i.e. drinking, smoking etc.).  They knew that, and had total trust in me. Both my parents would try and make me understand that they did not think spending time with friends was wrong or unnecessary but that it was simply not valuable.  They so badly wanted me to spend time where I would progress in the real and not the relative. 

No matter how hard I fought, how much I used to cry, my mom would never give in.  Rather, she would ask me questions like, what do you get from being with your friends?  Are you learning anything?  I would get frustrated because for every twenty times my friends got together, I was only allowed to go once.  Using this as an argument would only result in my dad telling me that I cannot compare myself to Americans.  “We live by different standards and are at a different level of understanding than they are.” 

     Months went by, and foolishly I did not try to understand why my parents were putting such restrictions on my social life.  Instead, I kept fighting back.  Deep down I knew that whatever they were doing was obviously for my own good, but at the time I did not want to accept it, for it would mean spending more time at home, getting bored.  Not until I was pulled away from that environment did I realize what a great deed my parents did for me.  After graduating high school, I was able to look back and see how much time my parents saved me from wasting with company that was not benefiting me in any way whatsoever.  As time went by, I stopped spending unnecessary time outside my home and gradually started to see the difference in myself. 

I began spending more time talking to my mom about things that actually matter.  Every time we talked, our conversations would turn into a satsang that would sometimes last for hours.  There were conflicts after conflicts between my mother and I before I had closed that very wasteful chapter of my life.  After I had finally awakened there was so much more harmony and peace between us.  My mom became my best friend and the person I turned to when I needed help. 

     With this on-going satsang, I began to have little epiphanies, for example: I can now take full responsibility for everything that happens to and around me, for I have understood and accepted the power of karma.  Nothing has come my way without my asking for it.  Now, in this blameless life of mine, all I try to look for is the positive, the good, the real.  With this knowledge, I have the strength to handle almost any situation without looking at anyone else’s faults but my own.  This way of living has removed an uncountable number of obstacles from my life.  Everywhere I look, all I see is beauty.

     Today I look back and realize how much time I wasted complaining about the temporary happiness I thought I was losing out on.  My parents taught me to spend every possible breathing moment towards progressing in the real.  Now, I myself have no interest in wasting time the way I did before.  There was a time in high school where I would be counting down the days until I could move to college and be “free.”  Today, I find myself wishing I didn’t have to leave, wishing that I could stay in my positive and beneficial home where I can continue to sit down and have satsang with my parents everyday.  They have taught me the value of time, the value of company and because of them, I have reached a higher understanding for the value of Dadaji and his aagna.

     As a result of spending more time with the people whose first interest is to help me on my path to moksh (my parents), I find myself constantly gaining by having more opportunities to pick up the Akram Vignaan, or watch Dadaji’s video while my parents explain this science to me.  I feel like my life has become a constant learning experience without any conflicts in the home.  Everywhere I go, I now find peace, since there is peace within me. 

Along with staying at home and expanding my knowledge of Dada’s science, I reap the benefits of our Indian sanscar.   Our Indian culture is one of the few in the world that stresses the importance of heartily respecting and loving your parents.  I believe that this is the reason why Indian children can most effectively accept and apply Dada’s gnaan in their lives. 

     My parents have set me on the right path.  These temporary joys that kids my age get caught up in no longer appeal to me.  Every breathing second that we have available should be spent in the real.  Everything else will eventually end and we will have gained nothing.  I am so happy my parents made me understand this at a very crucial time in my life, for even now when I think of those wasted months I cringe inside.  People waste so much time, and all I hear Dadaji saying over and over again is “jetlu lootai etlu looto, kaam kadilego, kaam kadilego, kaam kadilego.  Dadaji repeatedly says, “Aa ek bhav sachvilego.”

     With utmost humility, my parents totally attribute the way that they have been able to discipline my brother and I to Dadaji because they also feel that they themselves did not have the right knowledge and values before they met Him in 1988.  Without Dadaji’s grace and this knowledge, the four of us would have continued to live in that very wasteful state that I was so gracefully saved from.

Sapna Mistry

Age: 17

California, USA


From Dadaji’s Quote Library…3/22/2008 March 22, 2008

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 “In this world, nothing is worthy of knowing except that which has to be known, except the one and only one, that is the knower within.”

“If the knower is known, there remains nothing that needs to be known and everything is known; so after all, that has to be the final pursuit in life.”

-PPS KanuDadaji


Answers to Q & A with Aaptaputra’s… March 14, 2008

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 Jai Sachidanand from Swami DeepakAnandji…


1. Chetan said,

Jai Sachchidanand,

The following sentence is from the book titled “Vyavhar Ukele Vitrag Drastiye” page # 157.

“Atma gnandarshanmaj rahe te ‘sacho purusharth’ che.”

What type of Atma is refered to in the above sentence? Can you please explain the different stages of Atma? For example, Shudh Atma, Pratishthit Atma, Vyavhar Atma etc.

A: This question was posed to Dadaji in one of the visit to a site for Undhya Party and He has answered as follows:

The Atma referred to over here is Antaratma state that has opened within every mahatma after Gyan Vidhi that is leading towards Parmatma i.e. Absolute State, through Aagna Dharma following. It is through the following of the Aagnas that one can remain in the Purusharth of SEEING & KNOWING one’s own mind-speech-body actions as RELATIVE. Consequently, he remains as REAL by SEEING & KNOWING Him as separate from the Scene and the known i.e. Relative!


2. Anonymous


Is it true that only Mahatma’s are born to other Mahatma’s?

A: Most probably yes, else wherever one has connection, one is born!


3. Anonymous

How can we work to erase Mr. Ego.  He’s such a strong influence, how can we get rid of him?

A: Through Aagna Dharma following! First of all, through the Gyan Vidhi one gets rid of Charging Ego of ‘Doer-ship’ and subsequently through Aagna Dharma following one gets rid of the discharging Ego of ‘Suffering’. It begins with the Gyan Vidhi from an Enlightened Soul i.e. Gyani Purush and ends with the following of His Aagnas.


4. Anonymous

I know it’s wrong to drink alcohol.  But I never understood why it’s wrong.  If you are just a casual drinker what is the harm in having one glass of wine a month?  I’ve heard in Satsang that one can turn into two and two into three and then a drunk.  But honestly, that’s not the case with everyone.  If one is truly a casual drinker how is one glass of wine every once in awhile bad?  Please explain.

A. There are many examples of one turning into an alcoholic. So, to be on a safer side just stay away from it because once it takes over one doesn’t have any control and it finally leads to a disaster. There are many cases like this. Human life is not meant for this! There are so many other things of enjoyment but not at the cost of one’s own life. Otherwise also, as per the far sighted vision of a Gyani, when one consumes alcohol one consumes so many living beings [even in just one gulp] that bring down one’s Jagruti so much so that it is always better to stay away from it. This is for one who wants to grow and progress in the path of Absolutism. Also, you are whole and sole responsible for whatever you do. So, if you consume life you become answerable to the nature!


5. Anon.

I have heard in Satsang that marriage to anyone who is not Indian will pull you down in Gnan.  But if you yourself stay in Gnan, how would marriage to someone who is not in Gnan pull you down?  Also, we know that whatever happens is vyavasthit, so if one falls in love with a non-Indian, we should understand that we don’t have control over who we fall in love with, right?  So then are we to understand that falling in love with a non-Indian and as a result falling in level of Gnan is all vyavasthit?

A. Marriage is Vyavahar [Relative Living], what it means; matching people stay together and grow in the world towards blissful living and liberation over lives. When they differ in the caste i.e. in their faith, in their basic belief of life and living, it really becomes difficult to get along over a period of time. This is because in the beginning, life is more oriented externally but when that phase passes and one needs to make decisions of family especially with the kids, that is where the far sightedness of one’s basic upbringing and traditional values play a vital role and that is where conflicts could start and then at times even the association gets into jeopardy. Our elders… great grandfathers, had made certain rules regarding life, marriages, and living. It really has a very deep routed understanding and far sighted results when we follow them. They have said that as far as possible marry in your own caste [that is the best] and then as much you cross the boundary you get into problems that are now [though they may not appear] and then they show up in multiplication in future and further in upcoming lives too!!! So, principally the ace card is in everybody’s hand, the Vyavasthit shakti [the nature] starts working only after you have played your card!!! Therefore, the decision is definitely in your hands whereas the result is in the hands of Vyavasthit [i.e. nature]. So, live your life with full understanding & justification for your own self, Vyavasthit would definitely be on your side!!! The Nature is your own projection!!!!!




From Dadaji’s Quote Library 03/14/2008…

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“Nobody can improve anybody else other than one’s own self. If one has improved one’s self, the whole  world is improved for him and that is an eternal principle.”

-PPS KanuDadaji


JSS Youth Shibir 2008 is here !!! March 13, 2008

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 On behalf of the Youth Council, we extend this warm invitation for your presence at the Shibir on the long weekend of JULY 3rd-6th in STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA!  Mark your calendars to celebrate this Independence day weekend with your fellow youth mahatmas!

Come discover with us the answers to life’s greatest puzzles with the presence of Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji’s live satsang, catered specially for the Indian-American audience!  This opportunity is like no other.  For the first time, we will be graced with a long weekend of Dadaji’s time devoted EXCLUSIVELY for us youth!  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this blessed occasion!

Satsang is not all.  This weekend, we are planning lots of fun activities, team builders, and intermingling experiences for you to form networks and friends with those faces you see once a year at Gurupurnima.  Meet the other youth across the country that understand and face the same challenges and struggles as we live with the precious gnaan in the split culture homes of today.

So get pumped, get psyched, and save your 4th of July weekend for Stillwater, Oklahoma!!! Look out for more details about booking your flight and other arrangements in our next email to you!  We can’t wait to see you there!!!

Yours Truly,

The JSS Youth Council


How my “Parents and Daughter” puzzle was solved… March 10, 2008

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January 27, 2008

By: Yasmin Prakash Patel

Om Namah Dada Vitragaya.

Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho.


Jai Sachchidanand Dadaji na Mahathmao!

One specific or rather recent experience, which I find presently stands out to me is the everyday battle, with myself (Yasmin).  I am currently a second year college student, and over the past two years studying away from home, I finally realize the importance of home.  While living at home, particularly in high school I always felt nagged.  My mummy had a great tendency to always watch over Yasmin, whenever doing wrong she would constantly say “Yasmin, thari potha ni jaat neh joh, thu hu karthi che te,” in other words, she always reminded me of my faults or mishaps.  At the time, this was horrifying to my ego, I would always be infuriated, as to why she always had to watch over me; little did I know this was one of the greatest things a mother could do, not only for her daughter, but for my (Yasmin’s) journey in further developing myself within Dadaji’s science.  As I presently sit in my apartment room, away from home, I realize how much I took for granted living at home. Not only was I constantly reminded as to what I was doing, but also of who I am. 

People have always said that your home is your mandir, and today I can honestly vow for that.  Home is where one’s sanskaar is rooted from, and where one’s culture freely flourishes within you.  While away at school it has now become my own responsibility, to follow through with what my mom had.  I now momentarily have to remind and keep tabs on myself. With this, I have come to the realization that I am my own best friend; I am Yasmin’s best friend. While at school I had the constant belief that I no longer had someone to remind me to take agna before leaving the house, I did not have anybody to do Charanvidhi with, I did not have anybody to remind me to practice reading and writing Gujarati, this of course deeply troubled me, but thankfully I was wrong.  Though it is an obvious advantage to have someone as my mom to remind me of these daily tasks, I am not alone; I will never be alone.  And because of this recent realization of mine, I no longer feel the need to be dependent on people. I have my very best friend with me at all times, listening to my every word spoken, and watching my every step taken.

 As ironic or even ridiculous as it may sound, I catch myself talking to myself correcting Yasmin when she is at fault, and I remind Yasmin when she is in fumes that no matter the circumstance Yasmin is always the doer, thus the one to blame-end of subject.  Despite becoming “acquainted” with my best friend, who will forever stand by my side, every step of the way I nevertheless still miss the life and sanskaar that my home embodies. 

My deepest apologies for any incorrect vows in which I have made, please correct me, for I am here to learn.

Jai Sachchidanand!

Yasmin Prakash Patel

Age 19

California, USA


From Dadaji’s Quote Library 03/01/2008… March 1, 2008

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” Experience is individual, having nothing to do with togetherness; this is the fundamental principle of “Vitragas”.”
“‘Darshan’ means viewing things without having opinions. It is a great art to learn the insight of ‘Ghani’. ‘Ghani’ has to be understood through his inner state and not from outer features.”
-PPS Kanudadaji