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Answers to Q & A with Aaptaputra’s… March 14, 2008

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 Jai Sachidanand from Swami DeepakAnandji…


1. Chetan said,

Jai Sachchidanand,

The following sentence is from the book titled “Vyavhar Ukele Vitrag Drastiye” page # 157.

“Atma gnandarshanmaj rahe te ‘sacho purusharth’ che.”

What type of Atma is refered to in the above sentence? Can you please explain the different stages of Atma? For example, Shudh Atma, Pratishthit Atma, Vyavhar Atma etc.

A: This question was posed to Dadaji in one of the visit to a site for Undhya Party and He has answered as follows:

The Atma referred to over here is Antaratma state that has opened within every mahatma after Gyan Vidhi that is leading towards Parmatma i.e. Absolute State, through Aagna Dharma following. It is through the following of the Aagnas that one can remain in the Purusharth of SEEING & KNOWING one’s own mind-speech-body actions as RELATIVE. Consequently, he remains as REAL by SEEING & KNOWING Him as separate from the Scene and the known i.e. Relative!


2. Anonymous


Is it true that only Mahatma’s are born to other Mahatma’s?

A: Most probably yes, else wherever one has connection, one is born!


3. Anonymous

How can we work to erase Mr. Ego.  He’s such a strong influence, how can we get rid of him?

A: Through Aagna Dharma following! First of all, through the Gyan Vidhi one gets rid of Charging Ego of ‘Doer-ship’ and subsequently through Aagna Dharma following one gets rid of the discharging Ego of ‘Suffering’. It begins with the Gyan Vidhi from an Enlightened Soul i.e. Gyani Purush and ends with the following of His Aagnas.


4. Anonymous

I know it’s wrong to drink alcohol.  But I never understood why it’s wrong.  If you are just a casual drinker what is the harm in having one glass of wine a month?  I’ve heard in Satsang that one can turn into two and two into three and then a drunk.  But honestly, that’s not the case with everyone.  If one is truly a casual drinker how is one glass of wine every once in awhile bad?  Please explain.

A. There are many examples of one turning into an alcoholic. So, to be on a safer side just stay away from it because once it takes over one doesn’t have any control and it finally leads to a disaster. There are many cases like this. Human life is not meant for this! There are so many other things of enjoyment but not at the cost of one’s own life. Otherwise also, as per the far sighted vision of a Gyani, when one consumes alcohol one consumes so many living beings [even in just one gulp] that bring down one’s Jagruti so much so that it is always better to stay away from it. This is for one who wants to grow and progress in the path of Absolutism. Also, you are whole and sole responsible for whatever you do. So, if you consume life you become answerable to the nature!


5. Anon.

I have heard in Satsang that marriage to anyone who is not Indian will pull you down in Gnan.  But if you yourself stay in Gnan, how would marriage to someone who is not in Gnan pull you down?  Also, we know that whatever happens is vyavasthit, so if one falls in love with a non-Indian, we should understand that we don’t have control over who we fall in love with, right?  So then are we to understand that falling in love with a non-Indian and as a result falling in level of Gnan is all vyavasthit?

A. Marriage is Vyavahar [Relative Living], what it means; matching people stay together and grow in the world towards blissful living and liberation over lives. When they differ in the caste i.e. in their faith, in their basic belief of life and living, it really becomes difficult to get along over a period of time. This is because in the beginning, life is more oriented externally but when that phase passes and one needs to make decisions of family especially with the kids, that is where the far sightedness of one’s basic upbringing and traditional values play a vital role and that is where conflicts could start and then at times even the association gets into jeopardy. Our elders… great grandfathers, had made certain rules regarding life, marriages, and living. It really has a very deep routed understanding and far sighted results when we follow them. They have said that as far as possible marry in your own caste [that is the best] and then as much you cross the boundary you get into problems that are now [though they may not appear] and then they show up in multiplication in future and further in upcoming lives too!!! So, principally the ace card is in everybody’s hand, the Vyavasthit shakti [the nature] starts working only after you have played your card!!! Therefore, the decision is definitely in your hands whereas the result is in the hands of Vyavasthit [i.e. nature]. So, live your life with full understanding & justification for your own self, Vyavasthit would definitely be on your side!!! The Nature is your own projection!!!!!




2 Responses to “Answers to Q & A with Aaptaputra’s…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My JS to all mahatmas and Aptaputras…..

    I had a question that I wished to ask regarding marriage. When considerating a spouse, my understanding is that one should consider someone that will complement and support you in your hightest goal of mosksa–this being a principal consideration. How then should one differentiate whether an attraction one feels towards someone is PRIMARILY FOUNDED on a physical attraction (vishaya) versus a “recognition” of a spirtual counterpart for the relative self? -i.e. desire correct bhuddhi in deliberating process. Have tried to refer to Harmony in Marriage title but still had this question. Appreciate your guidance, clarifications, and comments! Apologies for length of question! My JS!

  2. anonymous Says:

    Om Tryambhakam Yajamahe
    Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
    Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
    Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

    Jai Sachchidanand

    I have some questions concerning the statements made above. 1. If it is true that Mahatma’s are only born to other mahatma’s…then how does this knowledge expand and grow to other people? Shouldn’t everyone have this knowledge in order to attain moksh? 2. there are so many cases where people drink alcohol and don’t become alcoholic. Drinking alcohol doesn’t seem to mean one is an alcoholic. Just like taking medicine doesn’t make one become addicted to medicine. Moderation would seem to be the key. Additionally, you kill thousands of lives everyday. Every step you take, you have killed thousands of organisms. Does this mean we should not walk? Drinking alcohol may kill organisms but so does everything else. 5. Concerning marriage…..1. doesn’t love mean understanding and working out your differences? 2. Also concerning caste, it seems to me not to be an issue to American Indian kids, so why does it matter if they marry different types of indians? Are we as indians still trying to divide our culture into castes that have simply brought social problems? It seems contrary to seeing the pure soul in everyone.

    I ask in humilty.

    Jai Sachchidanand

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