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Sri Simandar Swami Parmatma Janma Jayanti !!! April 28, 2008

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Jai Sachidanand Dadaji’s Youth Mahatma’s,

This Thursday, May 1, 2008 is the birthday anniversary of Sri Simandar Swami Parmatma.  There will be birthday celebrations all over the world to celebrate this auspicious occassion.  Specifically, there will be Janma Jayanti Oojavarni at Kamrej Mandir on the morning of the 1st in India, which is the evening of April 30 in the United States. 

Happy Simandar Swami Parmatma Janma Jayanti !!!


Answers to Q & A with Aptaputra’s (personality, bhav/vichar, job changes) April 24, 2008

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Trupti Said:

Q: Everyone has their own personality; their own characteristics. Specifically, their are people who do not like to compromise and change a bit of their personality, even if it is a positive change. This can hinder gaining a stable look on life and attaining self realization.
So then what come to play when, one day, the person realizes that a change is needed, and can determination alone help change themselves for the better? How can a person develop a strong enough willpower to pursue certain far-fetched goals?

A: It means every individual has a unique personality. Everyone is otherwise totally driven by their own personality. The outcome of such self-ignorance eventually ends in insistence in every situation without any kind of logical or rational judgments because he simply feels ‘I am right!’ The discrimination between good & bad is lost. Whatever I say is correct and should be followed. On attaining self-realization, i.e. on realizing that whatever I did was wrong, and now a change is needed desperately, his strong decision with full conviction of an elevated goal and a good supporting surrounding [in the form of good company] would definitely help him bring a dramatic change in life. Never get disappointed with small failures, but care should be taken, but never ever recollect past failures and get depressed anytime because today it is nothing but history! Future, do not depend on the past but it definitely depends on the present moment, how you are performing today, now and that is it!!! And then just wait and watch. JS!

Jibriel Said:

Q: So eventhough only ‘adhyavasn’ remains for mahatma they still have to be careful when interacting? Does it mean that if care is not taken internal opinions can become a cause?

A: You are right. The purpose of Aagna Dharma is this. It helps us remain as perceiver & knower only and never ever become a doer or impose doer-ship hence remain free from all kinds of opinions. Result achieved is, with full conviction you know that relative is ‘Relative’ and real is “Real!” Both become free and independent. JS!

Anonymous Said:

Q: I am trying to make a decision on changing jobs. Would it be greed if I choose teh job that has a higher salary? Job security and better company are really important factors too. How does Agna Dharma apply here?

A: Having got Gyan, life that was otherwise full of doubts, anger-pride-possessiveness-greed [due to self-ignorance] has eventually become nothing but Aagna Following. We were living merely goalless with continually building new Karmas while getting away with the results of old Karmas in the form of suffering. So, what remains is just ‘Aagna Following.’ Without Gyan, every breath you were building new Karmas. You are now dispensing old anger-pride-possessiveness-greed through Amicable Settlement. So be clear and doubtless that whatever you do [i.e. file does] is for amicable Settlement only. Hence life has now merely remained as passing events to be perceived in your Divine Vision of Pure Soul that you are! And having perceived all events clearly as ‘Relative’ you will naturally get established in your Knowing that you are “Real” totally free and separate from the ‘anonymous’ [file] who is ‘Relative!’ You will dispense all the leftover Karmas and eventually emerge as Real Pure Soul. Let the file jump as much it can! So, be doubtless and live life with full commitment and confidence that you [file] would anyway always live as per the order of the ‘Vyavusthit Shakti’ only! JS!


Links to Prathna and Kirtan April 21, 2008

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JS Dadaji’s Youth Mahatma’s,

Please follow the following link to listen to a Prathna said by PPS Kanudadaji. This Prathna can be downloaded into the IPOD or other storage device and listened to and said on a daily basis.


Please follow the following link for 18 Kirtan Bhakti’s to download and listen to.




Answers to Q & A with Aptaputra’s 4/15/08 – more on Bhav vs Vichar April 15, 2008

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Q: Can you please explain the difference between Vichar and Bhav little bit more in details with some examples?

A: The discharging state of our mind is ‘Adhyavasaan’. In that situation, for an ordinary human he [meaning his egoism] would traverse through and he would opine good or bad [i.e. dual feelings]. Here it is called Vichar. This, along with his state of being by believing that ‘I am John’ [say for example], Bhav Karma [causal karma] gets charged! This eventually results into suffering in subsequent lives as ‘Dravya Karma’ [experienced internally through mind, intellect, chitt, ahankar] and ‘No Karma’ those experienced externally through five senses.


Now, for a realized person [mahatma], it remains as ‘adhyavasan’ until he remains as ‘Perceiver’ and ‘Knower’ of the discharging mind. Mahatmas are freed from opinion so care should be taken that our day to day interaction remains dramatic outside through Aagna following and not with an internal opinion of good or bad!


So, ‘Vichar’ relates to the discharging state of our mind as ‘adhyavasan’. However, it becomes a cause when traversed as explained above. Bhav actually relates to desire, a discharging aspect of mind for mahatmas. For ordinary humans Bhav relates to Bhav Karma.



Answers to Q & A Gambling … 04/14/2008 April 14, 2008

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Q in Black
A in Red

Q: Deviating slightly from the recent line of questions, I was wondering if some light can be shed on the topic of gambling. According to Dada Bhagwan what are the consequences of involving oneself in such an activity and does it or does it not have an effect on the mind if one pursues this activity on a regular basis. Also is it “OK” to play just for so called “FUN” when one is not using “REAL” money to play with?


A: Human brain is so funny… I mean today’s weird intelligence!!! I am not excluded from it. I appreciate your openness to ask. Gambling is as addictive and fatal like alcohol and so it is better to stay away from it. Wise should never get into it. There are so many good things to do in our life because it corrupts our [otherwise kingly] mind very badly. You will forget your wife!!!!! Your children!!! Your work!!! And never ever say ‘It is OK’ even for fun! There are many other things to enjoy in life. It is a fire, which simply kills us, our inner being. I refrained from this all my life. Always stay away from things that corrupts or damages your speech and mind and naturally where mind gets corrupted it is going to affect and damage your body too. What is left more in life then??? This divine human body is for Enlightening the inner God. So, let us live life wisely with full self respect and divinity. All the Best… with Blessings… SDA


Answers to Q&A with Aptaputra’s…4/11/2008 April 11, 2008

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How do we know the difference between Vichar and Bhav?  Sometimes vichar comes to Mili, for example, “I hope that guy learns his lesson”.  Is this vichar or bhav?  Sometimes, I feel I can’t control bhav, bhav just comes, similar to vichar.  In the above example, sometimes, Mili gets so angry with someone or something, she just keeps thinking, “I hope he learns his lesson”  But we do not want that, we want only what is vivasthit – but if that thought is so strong, does it turn to bhav?

Bhav actually refers to Bhav Karma i.e. ‘Inner Subtle Karma’, a cause, which results into a form of suffering in future lives. Vichar refers to the discharging part of our mind. It is merely physical. Bhav isn’t physical it has within it built-in result of suffering. After the acquisition of Gyan what remains in just Vichar only and they are worth Perceiving and Knowing only. It is a wonderful separation resulting out of the Divine Grace of a Gyani Purush. However, due to the latent effect of falsely owning the propensities of mind-speech-body activities, we have such feelings otherwise we would remain ever free as Dadaji, and unaffected like Dadaji! For the ignorant one everything is Bhav such is the potent effect of ignorance!!! One can never remain separate from mind-speech-body effects whereas one with Divine Vision effortlessly remains separate. Won’t you salute Dadaji for this? Unbelievable! Still we experience.



Q & A with Aptaputra’s… April 9, 2008

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