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JSS Youth Progress Report!!! May 19, 2008

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 From our first introduction of the idea last Gurupurnima in San Antonio, the JSS Youth organization has blossomed into a dynamic effort merging ideas from coast to coast and even reaching around the globe to India! From blogging to phone conferencing, we have been fortunate enough to provide satsangs, discussions and interactions with one another, Aptaputras, and even our JSSangh parent organization.  Even now, we are working in various committees to put together our first JSS Youth Shibir in Stillwater, OK this upcoming 4th of July weekend. 

Behind every second and breath of the JSS Youth, there is a hope and heartfelt conviction that the time and effort spent is benefiting all of us in countless ways. Thus the time has come to evaluate our progress so far, and we need YOUR input.  What has been your experience, interaction and contribution to the JSS Youth organization?  How has this shaped your understanding of Dadaji’s gnaan? Please post your experiences meeting, making friends and/or speaking with others in the JSS Youth and how the organization has affected your life.  Any feedback and suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.

Jai Satchitanand!!!

Avani Desai on behalf of the Satsang Committee


From Dadaji’s Quote Library…05/19/08

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“Vasudev Incarnate” means single individual who is the highest developed Positive Life Form Protectoe and Sustainer State as sum total of all positive attitudes of all human forms of the world.
“Narayan (Vasudev) means sum total of all Nara(Man) individual’s positive aspects side, developing only in the ONE.”
-PPS Kanudadaji

Answers to Q&A with Aptaputra’s…definitions, dealing with Non-Mahatma’s, Chit and stock trading… May 12, 2008

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I was reading the other day and I came across the words aadhi, vyaadhi and upadhi..can you please explain these different types of worries??

thank you!

SDA: Aadhi- means only mental suffering e.g. disturbing thoughts; Vyaaadhi – means physical suffering e.g. body pain; Upaadhi – means suffering from external source e.g. riot in the city, entry of an unpleasant companion! These are different kind of suffering. Shivji, one who is Enlightened remains ever Blissful in the very presence of Aadhi – Vyaadhi – Upaadhi of our life. The outcome of Dada’s Gyan is we remain separate and free from our mind and hence remain totally free from the effects of the propensities of our mind! Dada has guaranteed peaceful – blissful death for all the mahatmas!!!

Jai Satchitanand Aptaputra Deepakanandji,

Thanks for your responses to all previous questions! My question: When interacting with non-believers of Dada Bhagvan or any bhagvan, how can you assure that you will not sink adhyatmic-ly (spiritually)? I think growing up with Dada’s gnaan in the family is so important but if one marries by caste, what if there are spiritual differences? How do we deal with close ones that do not match our spiritual thinking even if they are our same caste? How can we interact in a way that we still stay in Dada’s gnaan even if our surroundings are not conducive/ favorable to that line of thinking?


SDA: This is the ultimate testing of Dada’s Gyan. And after having Dada’s Gyan you cannot have spiritual differences with anybody. Acquisition of Dada’s Gyan is important this way. Marrying by caste is also mandatory and very practical. Mahatma’s spiritual level is universal and absolute. Never underestimate Dada and His Gyan!!! When you are willing to “resolve all relations in an amicable way” where is the problem? When you don’t want to hurt anybody through your mind-speech-body, there is no question or any confusion.

We have passed through every kind of life forms so where is the question of any difference with anybody. Every living form is ‘Relative’ because every living form is otherwise “Real” i.e. Pure Soul!!!When we resolve all differences with all the living manifestations we see them only ‘Relative’. The way every living form’s “Pure Soul” is of same material [‘Dravya’] and nature [i.e. qualities] whether it is of an ant or an elephant or a plant!!! Every life form’s ‘Relative’ is also of ONE nature only but this is the great task of our life to understand the ‘Relative’ of ONE nature. The very purpose of Satsang is to understand this subtleness of the ‘Relative’!

Dada’s Gyan is not any kind thinking but it is fact of life and it helps us live life in a perfect and natural way with any kind of surroundings, we mean any kind of individual!!! The purpose of Satsang is so divine from this point of view.


The chit is bothering me alot at times, it randomly shows me an occasion where someone insulted me and it keeps showing that person and what they said in various events with that person. I sometimes become absorbed (tanmayakar) with it and start having further negative thoughts for the person….what do i need to do in order to stop my chit from showing this wrong kind of film. Do I need to change my opinion for the person, and is it true the chit will wander places only where one has a belief of happiness and also wanders where one has gotten tremendous pain, suffering, or insults.


SDA: Every remembrance is the result of Likes – Dislikes [Raag -Dwesh]. Once separated by a Gyani-an Enlightened soul, one can never get absorbed [Ttanmayakaar] this is the principle. Tanmayakaar is the result of ignorance only! And once realized one can never become Tanmayakaar. However, what happens is there are slips that occur, which needs correction i.e. Pratikraman.

We have to be ready and well equipped with AAGNA [understanding], only then that such conditions would never occur. Aagna would naturally change your opinion towards that person. Once you start seeing your mistakes everywhere you will never see the world at fault. If you want to overcome this and experience Bliss you have to follow Aagnas through a strong determination to remain in the boundaries of the Aagnas and correct immediately all the slips that occur in the aagna following.


Going back to the Gambling question. Stock market trading is this same as Gambling? How do you stay focus if you are doing this for living and not get carried away with with Greed. What are dadaji’s view on stock trading?


SDA: Yes, stock marketing is a kind of Gambling. However, if you are doing this for living then there should never be blind speculations. You work on good, well operating companies with calculated risks and well distributed funds. Always keep some safe percentage/margin as security that gives you regular income. Salaried persons should not get into stocks as far as possible else play with only a certain safe percentage for family security. Be confident and satisfied on your work that fetches you with the money you are earning.





From Dadaji’s Quote Library 5/6/2008… May 6, 2008

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“To understand the relation of relative in it’s real sense, requires a basic condition of being impartial towards one’s own relative body self.”

 “Responsibility is that where there is no burden.”


-PPS Kanudadaji