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SHOUT OUTS!!!! July 25, 2008

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Jai Sachidanand!

In the past few months we have all developed many new lifelong friendships through shibir planning, attendance, and Gurupurnima…We have all shared many experiences with those new friends. Please take some time to send shout outs to your new friends through this medium, letting them know what a blessing they are to your real lives, and sharing your shibir and gurupurnima experiences with them right here!!!

This is YOUR group of satsanghee’s send them your special Jai Sachidanand!

JS !


Pride of Abundance (Gnan Khumari)

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As the value for the relative decreases, the value of our real self increases (goes up). This results and translates into opening our true nature of infinite qualities which is known as a Gnan khumari.
We sent out the following querie to all youth mahatmas after the Shibir:
1. What do you stand for as a Dada’s mahatma.
2. Where does your khumari lies as a Dada’s mahatma.
We received several responses. Some of them were long answers, so we cleaned them up a bit. Here is the list that we presented at Gurupurnima:
1. Laghutam Bhav ni Khumari (No Show off and I know nothing)
2. Not being deceived by file #1 ( our enemies deceit)
3. Kusung ma na avani
4. File no sanbhaveh nikal
5. Staying steady as a rock in nischay
6. Param vinay
7.Discharge ma khaadvani nahi
8. Par shetra ma nahi javu
9. Not having temptations of illusionary happiness
10.Aware of Hita and Aahit
11. Positive Vision
12. Real freedom
13. Badhani undar Shudhatma Jovani (To see Shudhatma in everyone)
14. No Emotionalism
15. There are tape records only.
16. Shudhatma (Real) Side only. (Not to protect Pudgal or steal from it)
17. Maan, Apmaan ne jama karvani
18. Drinking gnaani purush medicine with param vinay
19. Drinking bitter poison with smiling faces
20. Shudhatma ma rehvani (no ownership in mind, body and speech)
21. No more mixing of real and relative
22. Living disease free (krodh, maan, maya and lobh free)
23. Living opinion free
24. Amari pota na dosho jovani (see my own faults only)
25. Knowing every living being is my teacher and living ourselves as a student
26. Not seeing anyone as doer
27. Bhikhari nahi banvani (No pudgal sukh begging)
28. Taking only what is rightfully ours
29. No obstruction in others’ happiness and living as a nature’s instrument only
31. We are dadaji’s responsible mahatma che