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Charity Begins at Home… August 13, 2008

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Over this past summer PPS Kanudadaji’s satsung topics have included “Charity Begins at Home…”  Please post your thoughts on this, and your understanding of this topic in connection with Vitrag Vignan and your experiences.


6 Responses to “Charity Begins at Home…”

  1. Dimple Says:

    I’m not sure if my interpretation fits Kanudadaji’s exact meaning, but this is how I interpreted initially.

    His statement “Charity begins at home” reminded me of another a statement that said: Praktelo divoj bija diva ne praktavisake–“Only an (en)lightened divo (soul) can (en)lighten other divas (other enlightenment seekers).”. So I think this statement of Kanudadaji’s is reiterating that one must first do charity to one’s shuda-aatma by practicing the paanch aagnas flawlessly when unable, then ask for shakti) and improve ourselves, hence we can improve others without harming our own progress.

    My father gave me yet another interpretation that this statement means that we should first find a way to apply paanch aagna in our homes, with our “chikni” (sticky) files. Once this is realized, then dealing with the outside world will be much easier. Doing charity in one’s home by improving our dealings with parents and sisters and brothers,
    hence outer improvement will result on its own.

    Please forgive me for any errors in this entry.
    This is my humble interpretation of Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji’s powerful statement.

  2. Binisha Says:

    Thank you Dimple for posting your comments! The topic turned out to be very tough for me, at least I could learn something from your comment! Here is what I recall after seeing Dimple’s comment, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Aapde aapdu “hitt” na joi sakta hoy to saama nu “hitt” kevi rite jovaay? (If we can’t see of anything which is of beneficial to us, how will we see of other’s benefits?”

    This is where 5-aagnyas come forward and once we have dealt with our own file # 1 with the use 5-aagnyas, then we can deal easily with the rest of the other files.

    The charity at ‘our’ home begins, NOW!

    Jay Sat-Chit-Anand.

  3. Meera Says:


    Dimple – your words were extremely inspiring. Your father and yourself have correctly communicated the wonderful satsang.

    I have 2 children and a husband and let me tell you – your words interpret Dada’s words perfectly.

    I have noticed that it is harder sometimes to remain in Gnan when you are delaing with files that are so sticky and so close to yourself. And interestingly enough I find that in my dealings with my own parents who now live in a different state from me – that I am in Gnan. However, before I got married they were my sticky files.

    Thus, the sticky files (at least for Meera) are those that are closest to us and those that due to vyvastith we need to deal with currently. And if we remain in Gnan constantly and ask for shakti to do so, when we are not – all the knots will burst and full clear Vision will prevail.

    To me, Dada’s satsangh also implies that these files are “harder” due to the stickiness and that the “charity” we practice is to guide our File #1 to straighten up, and resolve everything in Sambhaav Nikaal.

    with utter humility,

  4. Alpa Says:

    For me, the statement charity begins at home means that if we are sincere, humble, and practice all the teachings of dada with our file #1, then we automatically take care of spreading this to others in our day-to-day lives and files 2,3,4…

    We must BE THE CHANGE that we want to see first in our own selves.
    Jai Satchitanand.

  5. maya patel Says:

    My understanding of the phrase Charity begins at home.. is which home the home we live in or the home we occupy? I understand it by being the body we live in. Maya has to respect and honor herself first and foremost. Than only can she be of any good to anyone else. IF maya is able to work on the first two agna’s than only can she work on her outer home.By applying the other agna’s. To me it is all a work in progress.

  6. Meera Says:

    Dada always says that this body is reaping gifts from preious births. He says we need to send gift packets for the future in order to ensure higher lives and moksh. One way is to make sure that our “home” is correct. By constantly following the aagnas, by not harming anyone or anything, and by remembering our true Home – our true self – we are making sure that the gift packets we send ahead are the best ones possible.


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