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Enlightening Experience… January 27, 2009

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Jai Sachchidanand,

I received gyan from Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji in 1997 and since then my life has changed significantly in a very positive way. Prior to receiving gyan I had no clue as to the purpose of life and who I was. After receiving the gyan I feel much more tuned into life and I feel as if I am aware of intricate details of life. It is strange to mention that now I know who TRULY I am. After receiving gyan, I spend less time questioning the events in my life. The understanding of the Scientific Circumstantial Evidence as per Vitrag Vignan has calmed me and I am able to handle situations without getting angry or getting too emotional. Now I feel very satisfied with results in life regardless of outcome being good or bad. There are times where occasionally I get disturbed; however, it is only for brief moments. The power of gyan is instantly there to put me back into the observer state and once I am in the observe state I feel the blissful state. The pragna sakti instantly alerts me that I am suddhatma and I am only the gnata drashta. The more I stay in observer state the more I feel complete bliss inside which is hard describe in words.

After receiving gyan I had several incidences where I had questions related to gyan and the answer to those questions came to me just simply by praying to Dadaji. One incident I remember so vividly is that one night I was getting ready to go to bed and I was puzzled by one question so badly that I could not sleep. At that point I prayed to Dadaji and few seconds later without thinking too much I walked out of my bedroom and went straight to the shrine in our house and I prayed to Dadaji. After praying as I stood there my eyes fell on a stack of audio CDs. There were approximately 40 CDs in the stack with Kaviraj’s pads and Dadaji’s satsang. I pulled out a CD randomly from the stack without reading any titles and went back to my room and played the CD. To my amazement the very first question on the CD asked by a mahatma was the same question that was troubling me and there was Ambalaldada giving clear answer to my question. At that point I was speechless. I was so amazed that I did not pay much attention to the answer and had to replay the CD to get the answer. Similarly not too long ago I had a gyan related question in my mind that I did not discuss with anyone and two days later the answer came through Kanudadaji’s quote that was posted on the youth blog. I can go on describing many incidents like these that lead me to believe that these are not merely coincident. After receving gyan I have always felt that Dadaji is with me at all times. After meeting Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji I feel that my life is complete and I know that I would not be in my current state without his Krupa and Ashirvad. I am truly grateful do Dadaji.

Jai Schchidanand,

Chetan Patel (Panama City, FL)