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Positive Drashti… February 28, 2009

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*What is positive Drashti? ( Explain scientifically speaking)
*What are the benefits of positive drashti?
*Why do we need to stay away from negatives?
*How does positive drashti helps us in Gnan and Vyahvar?
* What is the difference in positive drashti for Mahatmas and Non-mahatmas?
Write 2 to 5 positiveness in you.  Additionally, write positives in the people you have a disliking  for (even though you know they are shudhatma from real view point).
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Minutes of the Meeting 1/31/2009 February 4, 2009

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    1. More of an atmosphere where you can go to different satsangs. Give people options of what topic of satsang they want to go.
    2. Create an objective for each satsang. Try not to make satsang so random. Try to have a satsang with a direction or theme
    3. Attention to apataputra’s need. We should try to pay more attention to the aptaputras.
    4. Have all satsangs with specific topics. If you go to something you are interested in, you are more willing to go.
    5. Inform everyone of the agenda, perhaps by making copies of the agenda and distributing them to everyone.
    6. Create a better environment for icebreakers. Bigger room / microphones.
    7. Stress bedtime because many people were not there at the morning prayers.
    8. Do not try to make activities back to back. Leave some buffer time just incase activities go over time.
    9. Try to incorporate the pictures on the wall into learning activities.
    10. Encourage writing in the anubhav books and p share it with youth mahatma if you so choose.
    11. Eating/behaving holistically. Provide balanced meals to everyone.
    12. Satsang could be more age appropriate. Perhaps we need more age group categories to cater to all ages.
    13. Try to make satsang interactive so people are attentive at all times
    14. Perhaps name tags could have color classifications. This would help classify the youth into different teams.
    15. Try to translate 108 pads by Kaviraj and explain some of them during the shibir.
    16. Add Kirtan Bhakti to the Shibir schedule
    17. Allocate time for singing pads.
    18. Make Aarti, morning vidhi’s accessible on to the website.
    19. Create quarterly satsang schedule. Lock the dates in so everyone can make sure they plan around the teleconference.
    20. Work on a group activity prior to Shibir. This will allow the youth to engage even prior to Shibir.
    21. Meeting minutes should be available to everyone who was not able to attend the conference call.
    22. Shibir events should cut down on speeches and focus more on satsang and activities
    23. There were a lot of complaints about the fact that the rooms were assigned. The Youth really need to understand the meaning of the room assignments. All youth should feel a sense of unity amongst each other – by having different room assignments, it gives all an opportunity to meet new Mahatma’s. At Shibir 2008 some people spent a lot of their time trying to figure out how to change rooms rather than make the most of it by meeting and getting to know their room mates.


      Q&A With Deepakanandji…

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      Q and A with Deepakanadaji:
      Q: We are busy with either school work, job or business. How do we find time to join the council , attend meetings, satsang and  do Dada¢s work. Who will do our work .
      A: By Deepakanandji.
      Key Points made by Deepakanandji,
      1. Dada¢s Gnan should be incorporated into your daily life. You have to make time for Dada¢s event. Yes, it is true that work, school and other commitments are important; however these are all temporary. We usually spend (waste) so much time on things that are not even relevant to work or school. We need to make time and participate in Dada¢s event. If one puts a little time and energy into Dada¢s Gnan they will come very far. You will begin to see a change in your work and school patterns. You will become more efficient and effective at work/school and will be able to complete more work in less time and will achieve better results. Make the time and put the energy into something that is permanent: Dada¢s Knowledge. And I am saying this from my own experience.

      2. Prepare your questions for satsang related to the things that will help you directly in learning, applying and understanding Dada’s Gnan