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Q&A With Deepakanandji… February 4, 2009

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Q and A with Deepakanadaji:
Q: We are busy with either school work, job or business. How do we find time to join the council , attend meetings, satsang and  do Dada¢s work. Who will do our work .
A: By Deepakanandji.
Key Points made by Deepakanandji,
  1. Dada¢s Gnan should be incorporated into your daily life. You have to make time for Dada¢s event. Yes, it is true that work, school and other commitments are important; however these are all temporary. We usually spend (waste) so much time on things that are not even relevant to work or school. We need to make time and participate in Dada¢s event. If one puts a little time and energy into Dada¢s Gnan they will come very far. You will begin to see a change in your work and school patterns. You will become more efficient and effective at work/school and will be able to complete more work in less time and will achieve better results. Make the time and put the energy into something that is permanent: Dada¢s Knowledge. And I am saying this from my own experience.

2. Prepare your questions for satsang related to the things that will help you directly in learning, applying and understanding Dada’s Gnan


One Response to “Q&A With Deepakanandji…”

  1. Anony Says:

    Kanudadaji stressed the importance of doing charan vidhi daily and setting a specific time in the day for that. Why a specific time? What vidhis should be done daily without fail? Give us an agenda which will help us to progress in our adhyatmik development.

    Shiv svabhaav etle shu?

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