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Positive Drashti… February 28, 2009

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*What is positive Drashti? ( Explain scientifically speaking)
*What are the benefits of positive drashti?
*Why do we need to stay away from negatives?
*How does positive drashti helps us in Gnan and Vyahvar?
* What is the difference in positive drashti for Mahatmas and Non-mahatmas?
Write 2 to 5 positiveness in you.  Additionally, write positives in the people you have a disliking  for (even though you know they are shudhatma from real view point).
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5 Responses to “Positive Drashti…”

  1. Yasmin Says:

    – Positive Drashti scientifically is the mere positive outlook or thinking upon relative circumstances. For example, if I were to loose a leg, instead of thinking to myself “Now I only have one leg what am I going to do?” I should think “It has happened, but I still have one leg, and two arms.” If I lost both of my legs, instead of thinking “What now?” I should think “Though I lost both legs, I still have my 2 arms, 2 hands, my ears to listen with, my mouth to speak with, etc.” Positive drashti enables one to turns the simple negatives into positives. People should be like blooming flowers, their “sugaand” or fragrance if positivity turns negative circumstances, energy or thoughts upside down, without using words.

    Staying away from negativity is essential. Simply the implantation of a negative thought places “avaaran” one must’nt have the “vikalp” or “shanka.” Negativity is the force that is stopping oneself from attaining whatever it is that one desires. “Kai karvu hoi tho, negativity ni raakvanu.” If one is 100% true to oneself and abides by the 5 agnas there isn’t a thing in the world that they can not achieve. Positive drashti helps immensely in “vehvaar” because negativity is flourishing everywhere; within school, work, with friends. Everywhere you go there is negativity, people fail to look at the positive side. And negativity is the biggest threat and obstacle in ones life.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very well said, Yasmin. I would like to add, while “positive dhrashti helps immensely in vehvaar,” consistent positive dhrashti in combination with Ultimate Knowledge and 100% sincere application of Knowledge can reap the benefits of becoming deha-dhaari (moksha-dhaari) parmaatma like Kanudadaji, Ambalaldadaji, and Simandar Swami. Positive dhrashti undergoes testing especially when unfavorable circumstances come your way. If positive dhrashti with Ultimate Knowledge can be maintained without harboring ill intentions or hidden expectations rather send your blessings and good wishes, then you have mastered the art of positive dhrashti.
    When there is negativity in your surroundings while positivity prevails inside–that is when you know that positive dhrashti is being properly used. When negative results can be seen positively with the application of gnan–there is a sense of liberation from that result.
    Positive dhrashti without gnan is also beneficial, but not in the same way, as there is still the doership aspect which does not free the positive thinker from the circumstance entirely. This was our path before we became realized mahatmas through the divine grace of gnani purush. With gnan, we should not forget who is doer and who is knower-seer.

    I notice as namebearer, I don’t like when my friends give me certain types of advice that is against my beliefs or thinking. Occasionally, they will advise me on certain things, which I don’t like or agree with. Immediately the mann gets affected and the body gets little bit hot and sweaty. At this point, positive dhrashti with dadaji’s aagnas need to be applied. Questions one should ask:
    “Where is the advice really coming from?” Relatively—the friend is nimit, Really—Vyavastit shakti
    “Who is getting affected?” — Mechanical mann of namebearer
    “Why is it affecting you?” –Discharge mann is not in agreement with your friend’s statements.
    “What is their intention?” –A friend’s intention is normally to help their fellow friends
    “What should your role as the advice recipient (friend) be?” –Listen and make sure your friend knows you are listening, whether or not you choose to implement what he or she says is up to you.

    Another scenario deals with the fear of airport security and police officers. I used to be one of those people, but after some time, I begin to apply dadaji’s gnan and realized that they are nimit and only doing their job as per the demands of my karma, their own karma and vyavastit shakti.
    Unless there is some unreconciled pending claim in your karma for which you must “bhogav” certain inconveniences relating to airport security or traffic violation, the security agent and police officer will not be able to stop you and give you a violation. From that point onwards, I removed that irrational fear of police officers and airport security agents. Now on, I just smile and do as they say.

    This is what I humbly gather of positive dhrashti and how it can benefit in Vignan as well as my experiences.

    Please forgive me for any mistakes or inaccurate information and please correct my submission it is needed.

    Laghuttam bhave….JS to all!

  3. Alpa Says:

    *What is positive Drashti? ( Explain scientifically speaking)
    I think positive drashti is the drashti that dadaji has in how he sees everyone. TO me it means being in our sudhatma state and seeing others as innocent and non-doing. It’s the purest form of vision we can have. This postitive dristi is being in our ‘real self’.
    *What are the benefits of positive drashti?
    We see others as non-doing and therefore they are not at fault. WE see the same sudahatma in others and therefore we feel oneness with all those around us. We can experience bliss and receive the love from all.
    *Why do we need to stay away from negatives?
    I think we need to surround ourselves with mahatmas and in activities like participating in the blog, reading the postings even if you don’t want to post..and creativing a strong inner core so that negatives from outside world don’t influence us or weaken us.
    *How does positive drashti helps us in Gnan and Vyahvar?
    This positive drashti I think helps us to grow in our gnan and our dealing with our files in a positive and amicable way. If we don’t see faults in others than our dristi is working in the right direction..this is the test I use.

    Thank you to all for posting and sharing your experiences. I know our lives get very busy I am very thankful to everyone who helps me to stay connected in our gnan and stay centered and remember what’s truly most important to me.

  4. Pranav Amin Says:

    JS to ALL!

    “It has to be this way! How else can it be?” is positive drashti to me.

    When in a struggling bind and tug of war within to “make sense out of” situations, in less than just a split second – with the undersanding and appreciation of these few words from within; Pranav attains a reassured meaning in the balanced mode of how Vyavasthit Shakti operates. From this reflection within, emerges a vision that shines light upon those circumstances that were not visible before. The relative totality of situation invokes a “Samarpan of dravya karma, bhaave karm and No-Karma” allover again – each time – and things become “as is, as should be”. The claim of personal opinion and doership fades away and the relative viewpoints of others emerge with their full brightness and positiveness. In that state of being at a personal level, there is self-emergence of “Shuddhatma-Anubhav” in its truely “effortless mode” and an unexplainable rush of blissful blessings of Dadaji’s eternal grace (Anant Krupa). It unmistakenly ends with a simple “thank you” to PPS KanuDadaji’s Agna-Dhaari File No.1 for delivering the experience (and much more).

    Abhay-Swarupe, AbhedBhaave, LaghuttamBhaave Namaskar and Jai Sachchidanand to ALL!

  5. Prashans Says:


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