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Krupa (Kripa, Grace)… March 16, 2009

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* What is Krupa?
* How does it work?
* Who all gets help from Gnani Krupa?
*What is the difference between Sant Krupa,Mahatma’s Krupa and Gnani Krupa?
*How do we know that we have received Gnani Krupa.
*Please, share specific experience(s).

9 Responses to “Krupa (Kripa, Grace)…”

  1. kshma krupa karuna Says:

    krupa is the “direct” grace of the gyani purush… He is blessed and empowered with “infinite” powers… He has the power to “implant” divinely charged paramanus directly into the aspiring mahatma that will “sprout” at the “exact” time and space when the matter and intentions come together
    in order to keep the aspiring mahatma in the “center” … the krupa comes into manifestation in the form of ‘pragna’ that upholds the mahatma in crucially trying times, many times resulting in “shillta” of ‘charitra’ through mind-speech-body. ‘param vinay’ or divine humility is the quickest and surest way to win the grace of the present manifested Gyani Purush… purity of heart also plays a tremendous role… not to mention having an ardent, relentless and unwavering ‘nischay’ for eternal knowledge and bliss.
    the greater the level of sincerity and morality from within… the Gyani Purush spontaneously showers grace… He wants ALL His precious mahatmas to get His grace… but it is a spontaneous process that is dependent on the aspiring soul. The vessel must have the capacity to ‘receive’ and ‘digest’ the constantly flowing ‘grace’ and ‘compassion’ of the manifested Gyani Purush!

  2. Rashmi Says:

    Gnani’s Krupa is a blessing straight from the core of a parmatma’s (Gnani’s) heart. It is the purest form of aashirwad that we can ever receive. Any person who abides by his aagnyas gets help from his krupa. The first mark of realizing that he has showered his krupa on us is that we have become mahatmas only because he gifted us with gnan. He then gives us the five mandates as another form of krupa. His krupa is forever and constantly with us but we only feel its presence, and how strongly it is when we search for it in times of need. The reason we do not realize it all the time is because we hold on to our doership wrong belief at other times and fail to understand that everything that happens around us is merely due to Gnani’s krupa.

  3. Alpa Says:

    Can an aptaputra please post something about Krupa? I don’t understand this topic much. It would be beneficial for all of us if aptaputras can shed some light for us on this topic.

  4. kshma krupa karuna Says:

    rashmi is astute to point-out the fact that the bhed-gyan that He
    initiates the mahatma with at the time of divine knowledge in itself
    is a “direct” result of KRUPA… it cannot happen without that!
    the level of openness, purity of heart and humility determines
    how well the divine separation knowledge ‘fits’… as well as the
    inner effort on the part of the mahatma to stay within the five
    divine dictates of the Gyani Purush. krupa is so incredibly crucial
    on this path as the only avenue to “progress” is by acquiring “krupa”
    of the Gyani Purush. it is extremely important to understand ‘krupa’
    and how to receive it from the Gyani Purush as He is always spontaneoulsy
    overflowing with it especially for His mahatmas as He wants nothing
    more than to see them ‘samkit’ and blissful.

  5. Avani Says:

    * What is Krupa? How does Krupa work?

    I believe krupa in a light and relative sense is grace. It is seen as the blessings that one receives in a divine sense. It works through the internal connection with the bowing (lagutam bhave) to the Real Shudhatma state of the person from who you seek grace and the acknowledgment of that individual to offer you their blessings.

    * Who all gets help from Gnani Krupa?

    Gnaani Purush is the most unique role because He is a cashbank. All and any individuals- good or bad (through relative perspective)- who heartily ask for his krupa receive it naturally by merely requesting sincerely and staying true to the 5 aagnas.

    *What is the difference between Sant Krupa,Mahatma’s Krupa and Gnani Krupa?

    Krupa can only be given and received based on the development and progress of that particular individual. You can only offer what is in your own state of being so one seeks krupa from the particular individual that one seeks to become. Sant Krupa is seen in order to get some power, qualities or vision that the Sant has himself or can offer. For example, if a Sant is known for his service to the poor and you strive for his krupa, through constant internal efforts, you have the possibility of reaching to the same state of internal humbleness as that particular Sant. Mahatma’s krupa is the same in that by bowing to a particular mahatma, you can receive up to that particular Mahatma’s state or degree of development in a gnaan sense.

    But the highest form of krupa is Gnaani’s krupa. Gnaani’s krupa is never denied when asked for with sincerity and lagutam bhaav. In fact, mahatmas do not even ask for his krupa. His krupa disseminates to all who have open hearts to receive. Gnaani Purush is the highest state of development in humanity because of the complete selflessness and vision to see everything AS IS- avraan free! Merely observing the live and present PPS Kanudadaji, one can see the ultimate state of humility and development that mahatmas are working to strive for. The krupa Gnaani Purush has to offer is also unique in that it is the ultimate service. It allows you to develop spiritually to face your internal enemies and become pure by living as the Real state of Shudhatma.

    *How do we know that we have received Gnani Krupa. Please, share specific experience(s)

    Gnaani’s Krupa is evident when you observe how stable and peaceful your internal dasha (state of being) becomes when faced with circumstances in life. I have noticed that whenever Avani does any work for the JSS Youth whether it be staying in touch with satsangs, reading/writing blog entries, or just internally bowing to Kanudadaji, all of a sudden she gets a burst of stable gnaan-state. She immediately becomes less affected by her circumstances and lives separate from file number 1 so easily. Avani always complains that her gnaan seems to slowly fade or not be in constant alertness when she becomes caught up in her relative life of school, work, family, and friends. However, because of the presence of Gnaani’s krupa, whenever Avani becomes lost in the Relative, by applying the 5th aagna, she receives Gnaani’s krupa and becomes rejuvenated and refreshed into her Real state.

    Please forgive for any errors and correct as needed. Also, Aptaputra input to help fully understand the concept is greatly appreciated. JS!

  6. Dimple Says:

    I wanted to add a few things that are important on this topic, according to my understanding.

    Who benefits from Krupa and how?
    Those who seek and ask for krupa will receive it without a doubt, but Gnani’s presence is krupa itself. Gnani’s presence (Gnani ni hajari) is krupa itself.

    How do we know that we have received Gnani Krupa?
    Anytime one is able to apply the five aagnas and see shudhaatma in another—krupa is being graced by Gnani Purush. It should never be forgotten that the gnan (Divine Knowledge) we have received is through Him (Self-realized Gnani) as our intermediary. If it had not been for our forehead on His charan (feet) seeking Ultimate Happiness and Liberation, we would not have been blessed in such a manner. He has graced us with His state of understanding, but it is our job to clean up our mess in order to become as He is by utilizing the krupa.

    Sorry for any errors, please correct when necessary. I also would like to request Aptaputra response on this topic as well, so we can have a complete understanding. JS all!

  7. Pranav Amin Says:

    JS ALL Mahatamas!

    In relative terms, Krupa is a positional viewpoint of a recipient. When one has initiated neither action nor even an intent to attain anything, and yet a substanital positively invaluable gain is “realized” by someone else’s visible action and invisible intent, one is said to have recieved “Krupa” of that “SOMEONE”. From the positional viewpoint of the “KrupaNidhi”, it is merely an effortless flow of “Karuna”. Why Karuna? It is because the “KrupaNidhi”, in HIS state of indifference to the recipient’s blunders and wrong-beliefs – past and present – intends only the Auspiciousness and Kalyan (Shubham Kalanam Karoti) upon ALL. This Karuna, therefore, is based in the ever-readiness of the “KrupaNidhi” to grant “Kshama” (Pardone) to ALL. Only when someone has pardoned the whole of humankind for its past blunders and wrong-beliefs, can such effortless flow of Karuna may be “realized” in the form of “Krupa” by the recipient.

    The origin of Akram Vignan is the greatest example in the story of Rushabhdev Bhagwan granting Moksha to his son Chakravarti Bharat by Akram Vignan. Once his Nishchay Swarup was realized, Bharat could carry out all his worldly duties and vyavahar without the burden of repentence, penance and scripture based codes to follow. Rushabhdev Bhagwan had shown the Kramik Moksha to the rest of his 98 sons. When A.M.Patel Dada Bhagwan, who was present there, saw that is was possible to attain Moksha with Akram Vignan by such an easy method, out of his Karuna, he wished to wait until it was possible to “show the way” to anyone sincerely wishing for Moksha before attempting to exercise it for his own Moksha. Those of us who were there back then, wished that ONLY WHEN it becomes so easy to attain Moksha by Akram Vignan, would we sincerely wish for it. Hence, in this Kaliyug, the unthinkable has happened. We came in contact with the live body menifestation of fully realized pure soul in Dada Bhagwan and he gave us Prtyaksh Gnani Purush KanuDadaji to explain this Moksha to us with Dada Bhagwan’s Five Agnas. The Moksha we are experiencing is thus nothing but Vitrag Vignani Dada Bhagwan’s Aseem Karuna, which prompted the Kshama to all of us for our all past wrong-beliefs, and resulted in the “realized” Aseem Krupa by all of us. Please note – it is not wrong-doings, as the indifferent Dada Bhagwan does not see any of us as “doers of anything”. It is only our blunders, wrong-beliefs and wrong perceptions in his “Keval” Darshan! This is the Vitragi’s Vignan. Not one reference in it has any conflicting viewpoint. The Vignan remains only as always was, as it is now and as always will be.

    We have a Mahatma who is known here by “Kshama Krupa Karuna”, and that alias assumes the relational meaning of this positional, flowing aspect of HIS Aseem Krupa (Eternal Grace). We can become KshamaPatra, KrupaPatra, and utlimately KarunaPatra (Patra in the sense of “worthy of”) because we have, the presence of Gnani Purush amongst us with a live body menifestation of fully realized pure soul with all glories of Vitragi’s Akram Vignan. All we can intend and ask for is his Kshama. His Karuna and Krupa shall follow! And, in our Jagrut Avastha, it will be “realized” by us.

    The true measure of Krupa can only be expereinced! You “know” imeediately when you’ve had that experience!

    AbhaySwarupe, AbhedBhaave, LaghuttamBhaave Jai Satchidanand to ALL.

  8. Prashans Says:

    Y there is only 9 aptvanis there, I think there are 14 aptvani

  9. Prashans Mistry Says:

    Kripa is like grace of dadabhagwan whcih doesn’t have any “bhed bhav” the one who has strong “nishcay” of following 5 principles at every second on him the grace automatecally increases.

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