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Spiritual Experience with Bhaveshbhai June 15, 2009

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“Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho”

 With Divine Grace of Param Pujya Kanudadaji, we were blessed with an opportunity to be with Him and Bhaveshbhai and his family in Auckland, New Zealand last month.  We can heartily say that this was one of the most spiritually rewarding experiences as we got to spend time with “Pragat Parmatma Param Pujya  Kanudadaji” and highly spiritually elevated soul  “Bhaveshbhai”(Param Pujya Kanudadaji’s son) who spent his childhood on the laps of  “Dada Bhagwan” and “Param Pujya Kanudadaji”.  From the observation of Bhaveshbhai’s  daily charya  we could see his “unconditional surrenderness to Param Pujya Kanudadaji  and how well focused he is on his own mind, body and speech.  Bhaveshbhai has magnificently sharpened and mastered the understanding and application of Five Agnas with positive inner living. One of the great learning experiences from him was how blissful he remains at all times in his inner “Real” state while carrying out his Relative Vyavahar.  Bhaveshbhai’s  inner stability balanced with utmost humility signifies his sincerity towards Agna Dharma.

Bhaveshbhai’s sincerity, seriousness and dedication to understand Akram Vignan started during his young school days.  During the time we were in school we used to spent summer vacation together in Baroda and Bombay.  Although we were very playful, Bhaveshbhai was very serious about listening to Dadaji’s Satsang and shared with me some glimpses of Dadajis’ Satsang about “Adjust Everywhere”, “Fault is of the Sufferer”, See Sudhatma in everyone” and other great Jewels of Dada Bhagwan. During those early school days, Bhaveshbhai once asked Dada Bhagwan that “If Moksha is easy, why these Saints and Sadhus adopt extreme path of self penance?  The point to observe here is Bhaveshbhai’s curiosity and sincerity to understand the Akram Science at that young age.  Bhaveshbhai ‘s sincere efforts to remain in “Self” and observe his mind, body and speech started at a very young age.  He articulately noted his observations and documented them to see where the Agnas were missed and also noted the areas where more efforts were required to  progress. His efforts have always been on the side of “Real” with utmost humility in ALL “Relative”  Vyavahar.  Bhaveshbhai perfectly fits in one of the greatest Anubhav Gnan Sutra of Param Pujya Kanudadaji  “Rose is simply known by its fragrance”

I would like to share some of Bhaveshbhai’s experiences from his diary which he kept during his school days in India.

  • Stay in Five Agnas so there is no claim from anyone within the family and from anyone outside.
  • Surrender ONLY to one who takes your full responsibility all the way to the end.
  • We have to do all the plus and minuses in our Relative Vyavahar.
  • To see Suddhatma in every living being is nothing but Pure Love.
  • Any desire is Begging. The only thing we need to beg for is “Unconditional Love” of Gnani Purush. We have to remove all our begging habits of Fame, Pride, and Money.
  • Prayer means true Self Interest.

Jai Satcchidanand

Sanjiv and Shilpa Patel, Chester Springs, PA