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JSSY Worldwide Kirtan Bhakti Prathna (Gujarati) March 31, 2010

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JSSY Message to Dadaji March 29, 2010

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Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji,

On behalf of the entire JSSYouth, please accept our wholehearted surrender at your lotus feet! On this auspicious day, we seek your blessings for the beautiful practice of Kirtan Bhakti that shall emanate from all corners of the world! From the innermost strings of our heart, please give us the clarity, focus, ek-chit, and oneness that is present within your own heart to carry forward your message through JSSYouth projects and activities. May our every thought, word and action display oneness with every living being as we continue to live out our relative life and progress in our JSSYouth efforts. May our heart be in line with yours.

As we launch the JSSYouth website today, we have 1002 active youth members around the world. It is our unified goal that this site serve as a means to connect every youth across the world with the same vision and goal of sincere application of the golden 5 gems. Today marks the day of coming together as one with the bhaav of Your Divine and Everlasting Presence and our mission to serve heartily as your Gnat- Putras.

Guided under the grace of your golden palms, JSSYouth has launched several projects to help connect your priceless parivaar around the globe. The announcement of the projects is as follows:

1. JSSYouth Text Serv

Sign up to receive Kanu Dadaji’s Anubhav Sutras. JSSY now offers Kanudadaji’s quotes sent to your phone via text messaging twice a week! This is a simple and convenient way for youth to receive the wisdom and precious words of Gnani Purush to reflect and apply in their daily dealings. Take advantage and join the text-serve by emailing jssyouthtext. For youth outside of the US, send your email and cell phone numbers to your local regional coordinator to begin receiving the beautiful Sutras of Kanudadaji!

2. JSS Youth Blog

Our JSSY blog is alive and flowing with youth experiences, how youth have applied Gnan and how Vitrag Science is helping them in their day to day living. Visit the blog at jssyouth.wordpress.com today!

3. Essay Contest

All information has been posted on the website. All centers, please send your entries directly to jssyouth

4. Kid’s Art Contest
Please encourage all the future buds of our sangh to join in and submit their art to jssyouth

5. Youth Satsangs with Aptaputra
Our monthly youth conference call satsangs is now be posted to listen on our website!

6. Bi-monthly JSS Youth Times newsletter
This newsletter covers JSS youth around the world. Each center needs to send their events/experiences info on a regular basis to keep all youth updated.

7. Children’s Storybook Project
Writers are invited to write children’s stories for our younger youth. Please send all stories to your local regional coordinator or jssyouth

8. Talk to Aaptaputras:
Aptaputra question and answer sessions will be available directly on our website. Now youth can send their questions and receive an answer right away the same day!

These are just few of the many projects that one can find on the website. To participate in these projects, please contact jssyouth

With the announcement of the website, we are ready and alert to progress waving the Akram Zando all throughout the world. In our path, Dadaji, please shine your light of the Vitrag Vignaan to guide us every step of the way so that each of us can succeed in our journey to the full moon stage. Let us be unified as one, ever-humble in our interactions, sincere in our agnaas and forever in your grace and presence our dear Dadaji!

Our prayers stem from the core of our hearts to all Shasan Dev – Deviyo: long live our spiritual torch-bearer, holistic manifestation Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji!!!




JSSYouth.org went live internationally.. March 28, 2010

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JS JSS Youth!

www.jssyouth.org was officially inaugurated by PPS Kanudadaji yesterday at Kelanpur Mandir. Please post your comments and suggestions about the new JSS Youth website. We would like to hear all about it.

Please help us promote JSSYouth.org and help our blog grow by sharing your experiences on this blog.

JSS Youth would also like to welcome youths from –

* JSSY – Australia;  * JSSY – New Zealand;  * JSSY – Nigeria; * JSSY – UK;  * JSSY – Mumbai, India;  * JSSY – Vadodara, India;  * JSSY – Ahmedabad, India;  * JSSY – Surat, India;    * JSSY – Madhurai, India; * JSSY – Hyderabad, India;  * JSSY – Himatnagar, India

JSSY World Kirtan Bhakti

The 1 hr International Kirtan Bhakti was a great hit yesterday. We would like to thank all regions for this assistance and sharing their clips with us.  Above message was created for PPS Kanudadaji (click on the link above).

Please share your questions, suggestions etc in form of comment to this article.

Jai Satchitanand,

JSS Youth


Photograph of Dada Aalaya Opening ceremony March 25, 2010

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Mahatama Shree,

You will be pleased to know that the house in which Dada Bhagwan spend his last few years of his life as well as the house in which he attained Nirvana has been named by PPS Kanudadaji as “DADA AALAYA”. It is the very same house in which Aptaputra were coached. This very same auspicious house and land has been now opened for general public. Lot of mahatmas have taken the opportunity to visit this holy place. PPS Kanudadaji has given lot of blessings for this place.

Please take a look at the pictures from the occasion.

It is impossible to find such a holy land in this world. The true value of this place will be realized in future. Please send me your feedback.

With Blessings,

Aptaputra Navinanandji
Jay Sachchidanand
Mobile No : 094275 47890


PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (9) March 23, 2010

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In nature you will find many kinds of individuals with different viewpoints. If you remain a mere observer it will not affect you. -Gnani Purush Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji


From JSS Youth Text
Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho!


Jay Sachchidanand / Photograph of PPS Kanudadaji March 20, 2010

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Mahatma Shree,

Dadani apurav krupa thaki jivan na darek sanjogma Gnan hajar rahe tej potano purusarth che ane tej anubhav dasha khulli karava mate bahuj kaam lage. Gnani purushno prataksha sanjog j jagat ane apan sauna mate upkari bani rahe che ane toj jem che tem kaam thaya.

Aa saathe photograph mokali rahayo chu. Jethi dada aankh saame rahene ane apanu kaam thai jaya.

With Blessings,
Aptaputra Navinanandji

Jay Sachchidanand
Mobile No : 094275 47890


Photograph of PPS Kanudadaji’s – March 17, 2010 March 17, 2010

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Mahatama Shree,

Aap saune mail marfat maline khoob anand thaya che karanke tame badhae Gnan pamela cho mate. Have matra ek kaam baki rahi jaya che ke aa Gnan ne sincere rahi ne kayam matenu kaam kadhi laie ane te mateno Purusarth Dharam aapane dada e aapelo che teno fakat upyog kari levani jarur che toj apane sau dheya taraf aagar vadhi sakisu ane te pan Gnani Purushni hajarimaj.

Aap sau mane mail karasoto mane khoobj gamase. Kelanpurima 13 & 14 Marchna roj badha mateni group pramaneni shibir hati ane saathe Dadaji e Ahmedabad na 87 ne Gnan Vidhi karavi hati ane bije divase temana mate satsang hato te darmiyanna photograph tamane mokali rahayo chu.

With Blessing,

Aptaputra Navinanandji
Jay Sachchidanand
Mobile No : 094275 47890