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PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (16) April 23, 2010

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In reality you are free here and now. Nobody rules you except your own blunders and mistakes. –Gnani Purush Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji

Jai Satchitanand!

From JSS Youth Text
Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho!


One Response to “PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (16)”

  1. Shaila Krupa Karuna Says:

    Jai Sachchidanand to all! Koti koti namaskar to Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji, Aptaputras and Mahatmas worldwide.

    The biggest blunder is believing the relative self to be the real self! If we stay firmly planted in, “Hun akriya-sakriya gnata-drashta ne paramandi shuddhatma chun,” the ‘scenes’ along the raging river of life just continously pass by and ‘we’ remain alert and vigilant in the present moment with the life-jacket of SHUDDATMA on at all times. ‘We’ experience total freedom because ‘we’ do not ‘hang-on’ to the ‘scenes’; they are already gone! ‘We’ are in the present moment observing the file #1 as “gnata-drashta ne paramandi shuddhatma”.

    Making our life a “living prayer” breath-by-breath as we inhale and exhale “only” the Sat Sadhan that Dadashri has given to us to help us remain in this blissful place of Shuddhatma. That is the work of “pragna” shakti. ‘We’ are not the doer of the devotional work within either! Hence, ‘we’ are totally and absolutely free here-and-now.

    The moment ‘we’ take-on “doership” of any act, good, bad, ugly, indifferent or otherwise, ‘we’ have come into the mistakes and blunders arena on Akram Marg. ‘We’ must only be totally and absolutely steadfast in our “nischay” for moksha and aagna palan. The rest is up to the working of the universal cosmic computer. The more firm our “nischay” the greater the tests and examinations ‘we’ will face. The tests and examinations are ONLY to enable us to reach a state of laghutam paad where the ego becomes soft, humble and compliant rather than defiant and arrogant.

    When the file #1 gets “hung-up” in the quagmire of ‘relative’ scenes, there is a myriad number of “Sat Sadhan” Dadashri has given to us in all His grace to bring the file #1 back to the center and looking within rather than outward. It is a personal experience that NOTHING gets lost when ‘we’ keep our focus within; actually ‘we’ discover the entire universe resides there!

    Laghutam bhuve… Jai Sachchidanand!

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