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Satsang Schedule with Dadaji by the click of a mouse! June 11, 2010

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Jai Sachchidanand JSSYouth!

How is your summer going? Come enjoy the serenity and peace of Dadaji’s presence this summer with our month full of LIVE SATSANGS!!!

JSSYouth – West Coast, USA cordially invites all Mahatmas to join PPS Kanudadaji’s Satsang from Los Angeles, USA via Live Broadcast as per the following Satsang Schedule:

Live Satsang with Param Pujya Dadaji

from Los Angeles, CA
Please Visit:
WWW.JSSYOUTH.ORG (Please scroll to the bottom of the webpage.)
Or for Direct Public Access:

JUNE 13th – JUNE 26th.
(Note: No Satsang on the 24th & Gyan Vidhi on 18th).
Please check for schedule & time updates daily @ vitragvignan.org , JSSYouth.org  OR check upstream link. It may be subjected to change.

13-June 15:00 (PST) 18:00 (EST) 22:00 (GMT) 14-Jun 03:30 (IST)
14-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 15-Jun 05:30 (IST)
15-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 16-Jun 05:30 (IST)
16-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 17-Jun 05:30 (IST)
17-June No Satsang
18-June No Satsang

Gyan Vidhi (NOT Live)
20-June 13:00 (PST) 16:00 (EST) 20:00 (GMT) 21-Jun 01:30 (IST)
21-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 22-Jun 05:30 (IST)
22-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 23-Jun 05:30 (IST)
23-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 24-Jun 05:30 (IST)
24-June No Satsang
25-June 17:00 (PST) 20:00 (EST) 00:00 (GMT) 26-Jun 05:30 (IST)
26-June 13:00 (PST) 16:00 (EST) 20:00 (GMT) 27-Jan 01:30 (IST)

We yearn and strive to understand and idealize the one and only Vartman AtmaGyani Purush PPS KanuDadaji.
You are most welcome to send your questions on his “state of being” to


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Jagat Kalyan Ho!  Jagat Kalyan Ho!  Jagat Kalyan Ho!