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Pictures of Kanudadaji in Los Angeles, CA June 24, 2010

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Jai Satchitanand JSS Youth and Mahatmas,

Please find pictures of PPS Kanudadaji. The pictures were taken by JSS Youth during Dadaji’s stay in California.

Jai Satchitanand,

JSS Youth


4 Responses to “Pictures of Kanudadaji in Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Govindbhai s patel Says:

    Hello, Jayschchidanand, There are fine picture of dada’s. I enjoy And became glad. WE Darshn of dada From SURAT -India. Vere Fine.

    Jay schchidanand


  2. Premal Lakdawala Says:

    JS to all Mahatmas……Dadaji is looking great as usual they are……Mind gets happy & happy…….These pictures give more confidence to our feeling of dadaji’s permanent presence with us……

  3. J.S to all ,

    with these amazing pictures i can say ” Dadaji ni aankho maaj sarvatra samaayu che !! ” just have a look at it second time !

    amazing pictures, please keep posting as many as possible !

    this never happened at the time of Dada Bhagwan, but this is the time when ill kaviraj says : ” wehta paani phari nathi madta , snan kari ban pavitra shudhh , ek avtaari banawa maate swami simandhar ne puj ”

    the link to swami simandhar is the one you saw in the pictures !!!
    J S !!

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