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PPS Kanudadaji‚Äôs Sutra of the Day (39) September 28, 2010

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Live your life as a guest of Nature. Your necessities will be provided for by Nature.


How can one live as a guest of Nature? When do you live as a master and when do you live as a guest? Please share your experiences with us and BLOG IT!!

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Join us for International Kirtan Bhakti THIS Friday (PPS Kanudadaji’s Janmotsav)!!

(Timings may vary due to time zones!) Please see below:

Country, Time Zone KB Time Day Date Time diff.
India, Ahmedabad 8:30 Saturday 2-Oct 12:30
New Zealand 16:00 Saturday 2-Oct 20:00
Australia – East 14:00 Saturday 2-Oct 18:00
UK / Nigeria 4:00 Saturday 2-Oct 8:00
USA East 23:00 Friday-11 PM
1-Oct 3:00
USA Central 22:00 Friday-10 PM
1-Oct 2:00
Canada – Mountain 21:00 Friday-9 PM
1-Oct 1:00
USA Pacific 20:00 Friday-8 PM
1-Oct 0:00

You will find new pictures of PPS Kanudadaji’s in Ahmedabad!!

Stay tuned with us for the next live satsang with PPS Kanudadaji!!

Also, stay tuned for PPS Kanudadaji’s 81st Janmotsav in India!!

Jai Satchitanand!

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Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho!