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Param Pujya Shree KanuDadaji’s 81st Janmotsav | October 2nd, 2010 | Swaroop Kirtan Bhakti September 29, 2010

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Dear JSS Youth,

As you all are aware, JSSYouth has attained Param Pujya Shree KanuDadaji’s Agna for a one-hour (or more) International Kirtan Bhakti Program at the upcoming events of PPS KanuDadaji’s Janmotsav, Pujya Dada Bhagwan Janma Jayanti, and Shri Simandhar Swami Janma Kalyanak. Please note that the latter will also mark the One Year Anniversary of JSSYouth World coming together onto a single platform, in one spirit as per PPS KanuDadaji’s Agna and Divine Vision. Therefore, this Kirtan Bhakti Schedule holds an exceptionally high significance for the JSSYouth Mission, leading us to our 1st Year Anniversary.

In the same spirit of our organization’s one mission and goal of oneness amongst all Youth Mahatmas, we would like to confirm individual center’s plan for the first of the three Kirtan Bhakti to be held on October 1st /2nd. As Pujya Deepakanandji Swami has mentioned, we want to make sure that each center has Kirtan Bhakti “in-progress” at the time of Param Pujya Shree KanuDadaji’s arrival for his 81st Janmotsav, so we all can receive his blessings immediately and while the Kirtan Bhakti is ‘Live’ all over the world. He is expected to arrive between 8:30 and 9:30 AM IST on Oct 2nd.

Please note that depending on your Region or Center’s planning, the Kirtan Bhakti may start a few hours early and can last longer – if so desired. Many of you have already shared your intent to hold the Kirtan Bhakti for PPS KanuDadaji’s 81st Janmotsav. Please let us know as plans get finalized across all JSSYouth World’s Centers/Regions.

Regional Times are as follows (Includes Day and Date):

Country, Time Zone KB Time Day Date Time diff.
India, Ahmedabad 8:30 Saturday 2-Oct 12:30
New Zealand 16:00 Saturday 2-Oct 20:00
Australia – East 14:00 Saturday 2-Oct 18:00
UK / Nigeria 4:00 Saturday 2-Oct 8:00
USA East 23:00 Friday 1-Oct 3:00
USA Central 22:00 Friday 1-Oct 2:00
Canada – Mountain 21:00 Friday 1-Oct 1:00
USA Pacific 20:00 Friday 1-Oct 0:00

We will have two separate tasks for each participating center across the globe just the same we made it happen during our successful launch of the JSSYouth Worldwide Organization.

Task # 1

As we did to commemorate the JSSYouth Worldwide Organization coming together on one platform as “Dadaji’s One Parivaar” we are setting up the live webcast where all centers can join via broadband connectivity to the internet.

Please follow instructions listed below – to help make this effort a successful one.

Tokbox Signup instructions- Video Conference:

  1. Go to https://www.tokbox.com/signup?p=chat

· Refer to: Tokbox_Signup.jpg – Please see attached.

· Enter info and submit. Please enter your JSSYouth Region/Center (e.g. NorthEast/Mumbai) under First Name and Country for Last Name (e.g. USA/India)

  1. Once the account is created click on the Invite button.

· Refer to: Invite.jpg – Please see attached.

  1. Enter "jssyouth.california@gmail.com" as the email address and then click on "Send Invitation".

· Refer to: Invitecontact.jpg – Please see attached.

If you are planning to video conference/chat with all the centers on October 1st/2nd, please complete this task by September 26th, allowing the administrators to prepare necessary technical credentials for your accounts. Once this is accomplished by our technical team, an invitation from the TokBox host will be sent out.

Following Limitations Apply:

· TokBox Session can accommodate up to 20 video streams. So, if we have more than 20 centers joining, it’ll have to be on first come first serve basis.

· There will be no sound transmitted. Administrator will mute everyone.

Task # 2

Again, as we did to commemorate the JSSYouth Worldwide Website Launch as one online platform for “Dadaji’s One Parivaar” –

  1. We are asking each center to use a digital video camera to record a few 30 seconds long video clips during the live Kirtan Bhakti event.
  2. During or immediately after the Kirtan Bhakti ends, please send no more than two clips from your center/region to
  • Ruchir Patel – Chicago, USA (ruchir.patel)
  • Swaroop Patel – Chicago, USA (roop05)

The final video will be compiled from all clips received by and posted at our JSSYouth Website for all to view within a day or two.

Following Considerations Apply:

· If your center holds Kirtan Bhakti at a later time than the coordinated time announced below – please send your video clip as soon as possible.

· The videos can be in any video format. The technical team will convert them while compiling the final video.

· Gmail attachment size is capped at 20MB. So, please ensure that the attachment size remains below 20MB.

· Please note that due to the time it takes for uploading large size video content/attachments, the compilation of all centers’ video clips may not be available immediately or on demand.

· If your center’s clips are not available at the time of final compilation please gracefully allow the final product getting prepared in ‘as is’ form, without any reservations.

· Please DO INFORM that Kirtan Bhakti was held at your center – especially if you are not able to join the Live Webcast and/or not able to send video clips in time.

Permanent Task:

Your suggestions are most welcome. Please send them to JSSY (JSSYouth).

Param Vinay Thi, SaakshiBhaave,

Jai Sachchidanand.

JSS Youth