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PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (50) December 1, 2010

Filed under: Pragat Anubhav Gnan Sutra — jssyouth @ 10:14 am

Obstacles are nothing but echoes generated by your own actions. You were solely responsible for the same. Bear them gracefully without blaming others.


Please share your day-to-day experiences with us regarding this quote. How are obstacles echoes generated by our own actions? How do we bear with them without blaming others?

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Stay tuned with for the next live satsang with PPS Kanudadaji!!

Jai Satchitanand!

From JSS Youth Text
Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho!


One Response to “PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (50)”

  1. Hardik Rana Says:

    jai sachchidanand

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