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Updated: Educate the Educator – Discussion led by JSS Youth July 31, 2011

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Thanks for sharing the wristband message.But what does it mean?

“Educate the Educator”

There has to be some view, I am not able to understand. 

Akshay – India

Dadaji’s Explanation- “Educate the Educator”



Let us all JSSY figure it  out !!! Open for discussions. Once we figure it out, we would really love it.

Hint: It is one of the fundamental (base) of the Akram Vignan.


JSSY Worldwide.

I hope all are well. In my most humble opinion, I believe that there has been great thought put behind this year’s wristband’s slogan, “Educate the Educator”. My take: as Youth we receive a countless amount of teachings from our elders, teachers, peers etc. Here is the twist: while still being fully Lagutam, we as the individual being educated should receive said education in a holistic manner by applying the science. Not only should we benefit by learning, but others should benefit from our harmonious inner scientific LAGUTAM vibrations and character so that all who come in our dealings are honored. We should be a direct embodiment of this Akram Vignan at all times that through us Dadaji’s Satsang forever prevails onto both Mahatmas and non-Mahatmas alike. I hope this makes some sense.

Jai Sachchidanand,

Ram – Tennessee 

Beautiful explanation Ram! In fact, until you explained I didn’t even realize the true essence of this line:

Who is the educator?

The educator is every single file that crosses our path. From the littlest child to our parents, siblings, friends, family, mahatmas, and beyond, by considering all files as our educators, we can remain in a lagutam state. They are educating us of file number one’s inner flaws, opinions, and aada avda feelings. Whenever I come across an interaction with my educators, I get the perfect opportunity to remain the Knower and Seer of Avani who may or may not like the words or behavior of the educator. By observing Avani, I realize her ego/ likes/ dislikes and prevent supporting and thus propagating their existence. By this way, I can slowly become closer and closer to the ultimate state. As I become closer and closer to thus ultimate Shudhatma state, file one’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors will slowly set an example for others. In this way, my existence will also be educating those who are educating me.

PPS Kanudadaji is the prime example is this line. He remains completely lagutam to all of us, thus he is able to educate us by his mere state of living and dealing.  His precision with remaining lagutam towards all is so powerful that his existence becomes an instrument for Jagat Kalyan! Hai Dadaji, may our JSSY follow in your precious footsteps to become your agents for Jagat Kalyan! Jai Satchitanand!!!

Avani Desai – Texas

Ram and Avni,

Those are excellent responses! I wanted to also add a tiny bit about education or educating…. education is a formative, and often life changing experience. It has even been formally defined as an “enlightening experience”. 

Ram and Avni did a great job of addressing education as it affects the individual and those around them. This is an internal process, and more importantly an ongoing process.

As human beings, we are able to aquire knowledge and implement it. This makes us unique from other species, especially because we are able to acquire the most important and valuable knowledge, the knowledge of our True selves. Educating the educator not only has a profound impact on the individual, but on humanity as a whole. It has a ripple effect, one that can last for generations and can change the human experience as we know it.

Dadaji has taught us to recongnize the importance of this human life and through his education we can now regonize the significance of the Akram Science, and its potential impact on all of humanity. It is a rare and precious gift in this day and age and something that can make an eternal impact for the world at large and we are so lucky to be a part of it. 

Educating the Educator is such a profound concept and a really excellent idea for the wrist band.

Jai Satchitanand,

Rani Krishnan – Tennessee 

I admit that I didn’t understood “Educate the Educator” until I went through Ram’s and Avani’s post. Thanks for such a good explanation.

This is what I have understood:

Educate The Educator“:

The term Educate means to provide the information to one who is learning. The term Educator means one who teaches other.

Role of educator till now:

In the essence of Akram Vignan, the educator is nothing but the intellectual part of any individual which helps in building the opinion about any evidences in any circumstances. This opinion which act as catalyst and thus any individual gets charged for the next effect. The opinion teaches in biased way which creates the attachement (likes and dislikes) for many living beings or things and hence feeds to the inner enemies (Kashaay).

Education of the educator:

Now to get totally get free/devoid from all attachments, this intellect (educator) has to be educated, as intellect is one who is educating the Baavo. Thus, in every circumstances, using the pillars of Dada Bhagwan’s Vignan i.e. Adjust Everywhere, Bhogve Eni Bhul, Athdaamann TaaLo, etc. should be fed to intellect which in turn will stop creating opinions. Also, constantly to make it aware that what is happening outside, I have nothing to do with it I am totally seperate from it, I am Pure Soul (this is what pragna shakti will do automatically). This way, educator in turn will educate the Baavopart and it will get educated of nothing but only Pure Soul in all circumstances which will be unbiased and opinionless, and automatically leads File No. 1 to laghuttam state. As opinion will be getting erased (due to opinionless discharge), attachments will also get evaporated along with intellect. With this, Vignan Swaroop will open up which will help in making “State of Being” pure. And Pure State Of Being is Sachchidanand.

Jimit – Mumbai

I am really glad to get ‘Educated’ from this discussion on ‘Educate the Educator’. While the below mentioned view points are really great, there is another view point that I thought of while trying to understand the hint given by Uncle saying “It is one of the fundamental (base) of the Akram Vignan”. It goes as follows:

Educator definitely can refers to every ‘File’ we come across. Educator may also refer to ‘baavo’, as Jimit suggested. But speaking in common parlance it may refer to actual Educators like our Aaptaputras, Vadil Mahatmas and others generally whom we look upon when we want to get solution to any puzzle or question that arises in our mind.

In my view, in the phrase ‘Educate the Educator’, Educator may refer to all such aforesaid entities Aaptaputras, Vadil Mahatmas and others.

Now coming to the word ‘Educate’ in the said phrase. Shudhaatma in its pure form, is omniscient / with absolute knowledge (“ananth gnyan wado”). As we endure our our path towards liberation, what we try and actually do is get closer and closer to 360 degrees. As the level of degrees get higher and higher (through our purusharth) our understanding get better and better. The better the understanding the better we are in a position to ‘Educate’.

I may now say that ‘Educate the Educator’ is again a great marvel of Akram Vignan given to us by PPS Kanudadaji, wherein he wants each of us to reach a level, where, while we are getting ‘Educated’ from ‘Educators’, each of Mahatma of Dadaji must be in a position where he can ‘Educate the Educator’.

Nitesh Ranavat – Mumbai

Jai Sachchidanand.I really got a jolt of excitement reading the mention of “Educate the Educator” in the subject line, and further learning that the wristbands will be engraved with it.

There is a similar concept that some of you may be familiar with – “Train the trainer”.  When any undertaking of mega scale is to be presented to the masses, starting with those influential individuals could be the very important first step.  Working with a factor based “multitude” produces desired results with a compounding effect.  The other approach would be vector based “solitude”.

Educators (and Trainers) have a ready to reach, already in place infrastructure – of those who yearn to learn.  So if Dadaji’s Science could reach one such educator, it would reach by virtue of his/her education (the factorial multitude) to many.  This is simply an understanding what “Educating the Educator” can do in outside world – Jagat Vyavahar.

So here is a Self-Check:

There is but this very principle in the name given to this science – Akram Vignan.  It is by virtue of our ‘living out aspect of human life itself’, a science that functions in each of us with the principle of Factor Based Multitude in our File#1’s Vyavahar, and in Laghu/Shishya/Abhed/Saakshi-Bhaav as the Vector based Solitude, the Inner Guide – the “Real” Self; with its total ineffectiveness unto the very Vyavahar others see as us(File#1).  In us ‘living out’ this science, we ‘know’ within us that the Science is going to outlive us.  Aha!  Just simply Aha!  .. and perhaps a sob! Ahem.

“Educate…” (ApPoint your Vector – your Agna Dharma) “…the Educator” (upon Your Factorial Multitude, Your Mind-Speech-Body, Your Vyavahar).  With the factorial multitude in each dynamic function of your Vyavahar in this manner, the results will be there (Vyavasthit based causal effect) for you yourself and others to observe, to be affected by it – as effective cause – only to do it all over again, and keep doing it as part of the very existence.  The endless beginning.  The timeless change.

Agna Dharma Vyavahar (again, the multitude as an outward Effect), possible only by Grace, in presence of the separated Self (the solitude as an inward Cause), becoming a MODEL (affecting agent) for another in the outer world, igniting in another that primordial quest (yearn to learn) to know the very function of a separated self.  Becoming such MODEL is but becoming a nimitta for (yet) another jagat’s kalyan [Jagat = that which is born (Ja) and that which dies (Gat)].  The steady continuum, like that in stillness of water.

Here lies the now-open secret of Educating (process/”Cause”), Educator (instrument/Nimitta), Education (Result/”Effect”) – all three tenses of time converged.  Only key is that “Education” is Vyavasthit bound endlessness into the future, so other than it being part of that (Aha!) intuitive projection (in THY “Darshan” surrenders this File#1) there is, as a result, no claim for it in the present.

Going back to outside world:

Rani’s point of this invaluable experience and understanding reaching out across humanity and future generations is but the self-testimony of the intrinsic relation between the multitude  and solitude.  Present humanity is future generations of it.  There are worlds upon worlds awaiting for this experience and understanding with their primordial yearning for learning!  Reaching out to Educators (those in profession of educating) with correct understanding of Dadaji’s Science can bring out manifold results.  The world will only see a MODEL in us, of us, by us; which is why we need to “Educate the Educator” within us.

In our File#1 Vyavahar, if each of us can only become a Vector to point an “Educator” in the same direction as our experience and understanding of Dadaji’s Akram Vignan (Agna Dharma) guides us; we shall serve ourselves and Dadaji’s Jagat Kalyan Bhaavana with our collective factorial multitude, simultaneously, timelessly, endlessly.

To this audience and JSSYouth-World:

The understanding resulting from this experience is wonderful.  Question is great, Opening the forum is great.  Therefore the Quest remains great.  Dadaji, Tusi Great Ho, Oye!

The process to share observations of the potent and present human experience getting unfolded continues…  In THY Cause  – I Effect, I Act, I Affect.

Hey Dada Bhagwan!  Mane Jagat Kalyan Nu Nimitta Banavani Param Shakti Aapo, Shakti Aapo, Shakti Aapo!


Jai Sachchidanand.

Pranav Amin – Virginia

According to me educator(Jinal)needs to be educated through Dada (that is pragna shakti) it constantly needs to be educted about the fact that relatively I am Jinal and by real view point I am Shudhatma.

 Jinal Brij Patel – Surat


PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day (96) July 22, 2011

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You are in bondage because of your own blunders and mistakes. You are caught in your own cobweb. You will be free from bondage the moment you release your grip of doership.


(from Pragat Anubhav Gnan Sutra)


Please share your thoughts on this wonderful quote and the day-to-day experiences that apply.



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Please remember: Knowledge increases by sharing not saving!




Jai Satchitanand!

From JSS Youth Text
Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho! Jagat Kalyan Ho!


Dadaji Collage by JSS Youth July 20, 2011

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More JSS Youth Los Angeles Shibir can be found at the link below –



Essay and Story Writing Contest Winners July 18, 2011

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With great priveldge and honor JSS Youth would like to announce the winners of 2011 JSS Youth Essay and Story Writing Competition. Essays and Stories were ready by PPS Kanudadaji and all winners received a token of gift by PPS Kanudadaji.  Please join us in congratulating the winners and participants of 2011 competition.





Jash Gala




Vatsal R. Patel




Purvi M. Patel




Navdipsinh Maholatsin Gala




Sanyam J. Gala




Hiteshkumar P Solanki




Dimple Amin


New Jersey, USA


Vaishali M Tailor




Ranchodbhai J Patel


Florida, USA


STORY    Winners in Each Category TOTAL 21 ENTRIES
Jash Gala (16-29 years)




Puja Patel (30 -50 years)


Chicago, USA


Priyal Gosar (5-15 years)


Chicago, USA


Lucyben Mekavan (50+ years)





Who is Gnani Purush?

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Live Satsang with Dadaji from LA, CA (July 9-15th) Shibir/Guru Purnima July 6, 2011

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Jai Sachchidanand! Mahatmas World Over,

Come tune into live satsang with Param Pujya Shree Dadaji from Cerritos (LA), CA.
Note, the timings below may fluctuate by 30 minutes or more; please check ustream link posting for updates.

9th July, 2011
[1:45 pm pst] [3:45 pm cst] [4:45 pm est] [9:45 pm gmt] [10th-Jul] [2:15am ist] [6:45 am aest]
9th July, 2011 [5:30 pm pst] [7:30 pm cst] [8:30 pm est] [10th-Jul] [00:30 pm gmt] [6:00am ist] [10:30 am aest]

10th July, 2011 [11:30 am pst] [1:30 pm cst] [2:30 pm est] [6:30 pm gmt] [11th-Jul] [0:00am ist] [4:30 am aest]
10th July, 2011 [5:15 pm pst] [7:15 pm cst] [8:15 pm est] [11th-Jul] [00:15 pm gmt] [5:45am ist] [10:15 am aest]

11th July, 2011 [10:00 am pst] [12:00 pm cst] [1:00 pm est] [5:00 pm gmt] [10:30pm ist] [12th-Jul] [3:00 am aest]

12th July, 2011 [10:00 am pst] [12:00 pm cst] [1:00 pm est] [5:00 pm gmt] [10:30pm ist] [13th-Jul] [3:00 am aest]
12th July, 2011
[1:45 pm pst] [3:45 pm cst] [4:45 pm est] [9:45 pm gmt] [13th-Jul] [2:15am ist] [6:45 am aest]

13th July, 2011 [10:00 am pst] [12:00 pm cst] [1:00 pm est] [5:00 pm gmt] [10:30pm ist] [14th-Jul] [3:00 am aest]

14th July, 2011 [10:00 am pst] [12:00 pm cst] [1:00 pm est] [5:00 pm gmt] [10:30pm ist] [15th-Jul] [3:00 am aest]
14th July, 2011
[5:00 pm pst] [7:00 pm cst] [8:00 pm est] [15th-Jul] [00:00 pm gmt] [5:30am ist] [10:00 am aest]

15th July, 2011 [8:30 am pst] [10:30 am cst] [11:30 am est] [3:30 pm gmt] [9:00pm ist] [16th-Jul] [1:30 am aest]


You can listen to same satsang in AUDIO format if you fail to get video
on www.vitragvignan.org > go to “Live Satsang” Link
Past video recordings can be found using the same ustream link by scrolling down lower on the webpage!



Live Satsang with PPS Dadaji from Lancaster, CA (July 4th)- In INDIA 5th July-1:30am IST July 2, 2011

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Jai Sachchidanand! Mahatmas World Over,

Come tune into live satsang with Param Pujya Shree Dadaji from Lancaster, CA.
Note, the timings below may fluctuate by 30 minutes or more; please check ustream link posting for updates.

4th July, 2011 {1:00 pm pst]  [3:00 pm cst]  [4:00 pm est]  [9:00 pm gmt]  [5th-July] [1:30am ist] [6:00 am aest]  INDIA 5th July-1:30am IST


You can listen to same satsang in AUDIO format if you fail to get video
on www.vitragvignan.org  > go to “Live Satsang” Link
Past video recordings can be found using the same ustream link by scrolling down lower on the webpage!