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Dadaji Collage by JSS Youth July 20, 2011

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More JSS Youth Los Angeles Shibir can be found at the link below –



3 Responses to “Dadaji Collage by JSS Youth”

  1. raji mehta Says:

    can you please upload more pictures of the event ” gurupurnima “

  2. Jagdish Shah, Broda , Gujarat, India Says:

    Kaviraj na pad ni neeche ni panktio ni yaad aavi gae
    ‘Navu paheran paheri aavees hu, Suddh Ashvashi ne shant thaya, pachee padkhu fari ne sue gaya”…
    Amaro 1996 thi anubhav che ke jyare thi Dadaji na darshan thaya che tyare thi amne koe judae lagee nathi.
    Wonderful effort in making collage for all the human beings especially Mahatmas to have Nididhyasan of “Gnani-Purush”.
    Jai Sachchidanand.

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