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Experience Sharing Project – Phase 2 September 25, 2011

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Jai Satchitanand Mahatmas,

We had received an overwhemling response for the benefits of Vitrag Vignan for Dadaji’s suprise birthday. For various reasons some Mahatmas did not get an opportunity to respond in time so we have decided to gather more inputs from the Mahatmas who had not provided the input and pubilsh a booklet. The deadline for this project will be October 5th. We are looking for your benefits of Vitrag Vignan in 4 to 5 sentences. Please send them in English or Gujarati. Gujarati needs to be in shurti fonts and please no English Gujarati. Please take help from your local coordinators to get it typed in Gujarati Shruti fonts.
Examples of benefits:
“When the experiment started, I had experienced total peace with myself and the grudge (તાંતો) nature vanished. Through the experiment, I have been able to see the body and its body actions particularly when problems have risen, and thisseparation has helped me go thru the problems without any anxiety or chinta for rich inner living. Observing pure Soul in others have solved all my tough problems amicably and be internally very happy.” (Pittsburgh, Pa)

“The Vitrag Vignan has helped me and constantly helping me to live inner life in a very positive manner with human qualities”.  (Chester Spring, Pa)

“અંદરની સમજણ અને સેંટરની સમજણથી  બહારના ભાગમાં કોઈ પણ જાતનો ઇનસીડન્સ પણ સ્વીકાર થાય છે કારણ સેંટર એવું છે જયા બધુજ સ્વીકાર થાય. મને જે દ્રસ્તી પ્રાપ્ત થઈ તેનાથી બધા જોડે પ્રેમ સાથે અસર વગર રહી શકું છું. કોઈ વખત આગળન માન્યતાની  spontaneous  impulsive  reaction  આવી જાય તેનું તરતજ કરેક્શન થઈ જતા lingering effect  ટકતી નથી અને nextમોમેન્ટ ખુચતું નથી. ફરી વખત તે મલે તો મારા થકી કોઈ claim રહેતો નથી”.

Jai Sachhidanand Sangh