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Reminder about Dadaji Welcoming Project November 21, 2011

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Last call for submitting your personal message for welcoming Pujya Dadaji.

You can send your message through the below link before 22-Nov, 2011 (10pm IST)

Link: “Your special message to welcome Dadaji”……. Click here….

This is an special message from you, so it will be unique, how can we tell you what to write?

To give you some idea, the message can be any of your experience.

  • How did you felt in his physical absence?
  • How much did you got excited when you heard that Dadaji is coming?
  • What will be your first reaction/prayer when you see him on airport/satsang?
  • See the message can be as simple as:
  • Missed you !
  • It seems my soul is back.
  • Love you…
  • Pad line “Voh he rama voh he mohan voh he mahavir voh he DADA”

Jai Sachidanand

JSSY India


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