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AKRAM VIGNAN SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS (Gujarati/Hindi/English) February 23, 2012

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JS, Here is the Subscription details of AKRAM VIGNAN magazine … in English/Hindi/Gujarati…

Please note the concession is only on English and Hindi magazines and for Indian Subcontinent only…


3 Responses to “AKRAM VIGNAN SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS (Gujarati/Hindi/English)”

  1. Naimish Kathiari Says:

    I would like to receive yearly subscription of AKRAM VIGNAN in English and Gujarati. Yes both:) Please advise… Feel free to contact me anytime.
    My Address is:
    G 6 Quincy Circle
    Dayton, NJ 08810
    Mobile: 609-235-5469

  2. Sandip Satishbhai Pathak Says:

    I would to receive lifetime subscription of Akram Vignan in Gujarati. Please advise and contact me. My phone number is 9537758247

  3. Rajnikant patel 119 nutmeg rd aberdeen NJ 07747-1361 subsriber number 536 Says:

    i am a subscriber of akram vignan since long &residing in united states, now onwards please send me akram vignan through my E mail address thanks jay sachidanand.

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