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DVD download Links for 1) Jeena Isika Naam Hai & 2) Jeevan Darshan DVD August 5, 2012

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Dear Kalyanmurti,Samkitdhari,Jagatkalyani youths & Mahatmas,

Jai Sachchidanand to you all.

Smt.R.N.Sheth Vidyamandir, Nikunj Education Trust, Andheri, Mumbai, evey year during their annual day function, organise the cultural programme of school. During this time there is Ajanma-janma Divas of our beloved mahatma Smt. Saryuben Shah ( Trustee of the school). So her bhaav is: school children should perform something related to this wonderful Science, so students can learn and parents (& rest of world) get message through it. So in this series in 2012 & 2011 they had performed Ballet (Dance & Drama) on Real life story of Sangmeshwar Dada Bhagwan in the divine presence of His Holiness PPS Kanudadaji, sheelvant Aptaputras, samkitdhari mahatmas, students & their parents. Music, lyrics, written & directed by Mahatma shree Jayendra Kalyani.

The DVD is in HINDI language. 
The performance was:

On 4th Feb. 2012- – Jeena Isika Naam Hai – (Set of 2 video DVD)
(This is actually 3rd part of real life story. till 1958, meaning events before the ‘Gnan’ at Surat station.)

On Jan. 2011- Jeevan Darshan- (Set of 3 Video DVD)
(This is actually 2nd part of real life story. Up to 16 years of age,meaning till marriage)

Each DVD is 4GB each which contains file size of 1GB each. You can have simultaneous download by clicking on each link.

Please find links to download the DVD for:

1. Jeena Ishika Naam Hai (Set of 2 DVD)

Jeena Ishika Naam Hai – DVD 1 Download Links:





Jeena Ishika Naam Hai – DVD 2 Download Links:





2. Jeevan Darshan (Set of 3 DVD)

Jeevan Darshan – DVD 1 Download Links:




Jeevan Darshan – DVD 2 Download Links:





Jeevan Darshan – DVD 3 Download Links:




Abhedbhave JS
Kamleshanand Mehta & JSS Youth team


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