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A 6 Year Old Experience September 12, 2012

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A Six Year Old JSS Youth Discovers Happiness in Taking Adjustment!!
(Janmastami August 2012)

One summer night while sleeping over at his Grandparents home, six year old Aayan awoke singing his heart out, “Ooo Dada, OooDadaaa, Ooo Dada, OooDadaaa!!!” to the tune of the famous hindi film song “OooLala OooLala.” Aayan continued in his musical mood and sung lines from 3 different pads into one musical masterpiece. Grandma remarked, “Instead of mixing them up, why don’t you sing properly like you do it in school?” Immediately, he responded, “This is for Moksha and Moksha has no rules!”

The grandpa chuckled at his grandson’s constant remembrance of the Real in his youthful manners and behaviors. When it was time to bathe, Aayan announced to his grandma that he would bathe in the bath tub. Grandma refused his request as the shower was quicker, and a tiny quarrel began to ensue between the two. Aayan insisted firmly a few more times, but grandma simply would not budge. Moments later, grandpa observed Aayan singing his “Ooo Dada Ooo Dada” again and happily resumed his daily youthful mannerisms.

Puzzled by the sudden change in his grandson’s behavior, grandpa asked “What are you so happy about now?” Aayan smiled murkily and responded, “I am happy because I took an adjustment.”

Grandpa was astonishing to see little Aayan’s experience that by adjusting, not only the file was settled, but it also brought his grandson happiness. Grandpa’s heart was filled with joy to witness the Aseem Krupa of PPSKanudadaji flowing from Aayan’s experience through practical application of a PragatAnubhavGnan Sutra – “Adjust Everywhere”. Grandpa remarked, “Thank you, I learned something from you today!”Aayan replied back, “Grandpa, actually I learned it from you! I see you take so many adjustments.” Grandpa was left speechless yet again and reflected on PPSKanudadaji’s Shuddh Prem and Vitrag state of being moment by moment. And just like a mirror of his inner world, Grandpa reflected on how many times he has observed, learned and applied that Vitragta to his own encounters!!!


2 Responses to “A 6 Year Old Experience”

  1. Shaila Bharat Mulji Says:

    Jai Sat Chit Anand to the mother of Aayan! Yes! This is how ‘we’ as Mahatmas can witness what amazing results remaining in Dadaji’s Aagna for just one lifetime will give us in these wonderful, wonder-filled youth Mahatmas we call our children. “Adjust Everywhere.” ~Dada Bhagavan

  2. Shital Amin Says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!! I need to learn from Aayan

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