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What Is Holistic Science?-An article in the Times Of India-Speaking Tree-Sunday, September 16, 2012. September 16, 2012

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An article in the Times Of India Sunday Edition of Speaking Tree (this is a regular 8 Page edition only on Sunday- Sunday, September 16, 2012.).

science of spirituality

What Is Holistic Science?

By: Vitrag Vigyan Charitable Research Foundation on Sep 14, 2012 | 34 Views | Post Response



Science of Spirituality




What Is Holistic Science?

In this age when science is predominant, our intellect tries to understand things in terms of logic, reason and rational explanation. Science is vigyan or vishesh gyan, that is, special knowledge, and there are two aspects of it. One is the science of ever-evolving relative things, termed as material, physical or outer science, and the other is inner science, the science of the inner-self.

Anything perceived through the five senses comprises outer science. But what explains the energy behind these five senses and that which is within us as the knower, perceiver or observer? What enables us to experience an experience? Modern science is still attempting to provide an explanation for intangible concepts like consciousness and awareness.

Moreover, when branches of science like biology, physiology and medicine are considered, minus quantum physics, it becomes obvious that everything cannot be explained by experiments alone.

Need For Inner Science
The progress of material sciences has made available to us essential amenities as well as luxuries. Despite that, there are clashes, stress and unrest within.

Man is still in search of inner peace, happiness and harmony. In the past, only physical health was given importance, but now, the importance of total health – in terms of ‘mind, body, soul’- is being increasingly realised. In addition to intelligent quotient (IQ), due importance is now also being given to emotional quotient (EQ) and spiritual quotient (SQ). In essence, science is now moving towards a holistic lifestyle.

By remaining focused on thorough research of the inner-self, both relative and real, one ultimately becomes enlightened. The study of this science is known as Vitrag Vigyan. When the inner, infinite, knowledge light and infinite perception light of pure soul-self is fully perceived, all the mysteries of the self and non-self get resolved. All the pieces of the puzzle then fit together. Not only does one becomes blissful, but one also becomes instrumental in making others blissful.

Science, on the other hand, is reliable knowledge and by itself cannot go wrong. The only thing is that its use has to be guided by a strong vision, so that the outer or physical science and Vitrag Vigyan or holistic science can complement each other, blending synergies.

What Is Vitrag Vigyan All about?
It is the science of ‘I’, concerning the mind, body and soul, coupled with its surroundings, both animate and inanimate and all natural regulatory mechanisms.

Human life itself is a unique, live experiment of the universe, where ‘I am’ is an experimenter and the experiment with mind, speech, body and surrounding circumstances is constantly on. In other words, it is the science of the conscious or pure soul in relation to matter. It is the science of ‘relative self’ in relation to the ‘real self, anatma in relation to atman, Prakriti and Purusha, or the science of cause and effect.

Scientific details of mind, reflective consciousness, intellect, ego, speech, belief, psychological effects, and many other aspects are explained in this science. Scientists are curious to know the nature of the soul and its relation to matter and try to understand it in various ways. Here, the jnani purush gives clear details of the conscious or pure soul in relation to matter, with practical advice on how to put it to good use in daily life. It encompasses the entire spectrum – from vyavahaar vigyan, with various aspects which are useful for a happy and harmonious life, to keval gyan or absolute pure knowledge.

Vitrag Vigyan is relative science with the real or absolute at its centre. What can we gain or benefit by knowing this science?

This science:
1) Enables us to be positive, happy, harmonious and humane.
2) Allows us to experience inner peace and freedom even in adverse or difficult situations.

3) Makes us realise our true potential. One has both latent and potent abilities which are as powerful as those manifested in spiritual masters like Mahavira, Krishna and Christ. It shows us the scientific way of achieving this state of being.

4) Ultimately, it leads us to the truth and the purpose of life.

The Holistic Science Of Today
It was revealed by a self-realised, holistic scientist, Dada Bhagwan, who perceived and experienced holistic science in 1958. The science is now being pursued by the enlightened Gyani Purush Kanu Dadaji. Just as science is anything that is acceptable only when it can be replicated, experienced and observed by others following a similar formula, holistic science, too, is a true science that works not just for a few, but for many.

Article by VVCRF Holistic Science Research Series 1; An Introduction to Holistic Science and Integral Living. VitragVigyan
Charitable Research Foundation, Kamrej, Surat, Gujarat. More information on holisticsciencest


PPS Kanudadaji’s Live Satsang on Sept. 17, 2012 in Baroda

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Jai Sachchidanand! Mahatmas World Over

We are very happy to inform everyone for another round of a very Enlightening LIVE SATSANGof His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji at JM Pandya Hall in Baroda on the occasion of Paryushan day-6 and to ‘See/Listen’…

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NZ: Sept 18 [NZST] 00.30 to 02.30

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Jai Sachchidanand!