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Speaking Tree – Article In ‘Times Of India’ of 11th Nov.– Holistic Vision For Internal Light- 3rd Articl e By VVCRF November 20, 2012

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Holistic Vision For Internal Light

By: Holistic Science Research Centre on Nov 09, 2012 | 44 Views | Post Response

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Holistic Vision For Internal Light

Despite possessing many items of comfort, human beings continue their search for peace and inner happiness. Holistic Science, as revealed by His Holiness, the late A M Patel – better known as Dada Bhagwan – and now being furthered by Gnani Purush Shree Kanudadaji – provides visions for a happy, harmonious, positive and meaningful inner life despite the tough times we live in. Here are some guidelines from Holistic Inner Science for leading a harmonious day-to-day life:

Avoid Clashes
Our lives are filled with both external and internal clashes, which never seem to dissipate. We need to understand why the clashes happen, so that we can rise above them and become free. Difference of opinion will always be there but we should use our common sense and not allow disputes or conflicts to occur. Solutions can be found to any problem without people getting hurt or parting ways.

When you are driving, you will come across this statement written on the back of some vehicles: ‘If you dash against us, you may die or get hurt.’ When we come across a wall, do we dash against it? Then why indulge in clashes?

Frequent clashes lead to loss of inner harmony and energy. Negativity creeps in. The infinite bliss and energy that your real Self feels, gets lost if you indulge in clashes. Avoid clashes and let the inner light guide you through any situation. This inner light does not advise you to endure your suffering or to surrender to it, but advises you to resolve the issues without clashes. After all, everyone has the right to his own point of view. You may want to persuade others to go by your viewpoint. If you are adamant, will it serve any purpose? Moreover, truth is relative and varies with beliefs and circumstances. A truth that results in clashes then becomes an untruth.

There will be inner clashes as well. You will wonder why someone treated you in a certain manner, why this grave injustice happened, etc. The mind will seek answers, but only when you know and understand the natural laws that govern life, will you find answers to all the questions.

The Key Is To Adjust
Anyone who masters the art of adjusting in all kind of situations will be happy and sail towards liberation. However, these days, people find it difficult to adjust even with immediate family members because each one is different from the other – if one person is talkative, the other is quiet. If one is a spendthrift, the other is economical.

Do you like only farms or do you like gardens too? In a farm, everything is alike, whereas in a garden, different varieties of plants are grown together. Each tree or plant is different, but there is none without a fruit or a flower. Does a rose taunt a mango for not having a flower; does a mango scorn a rose for not bearing fruits? Do we complain about the thorn in a rose plant?

Similarly, there are gardens in our homes, workplaces and society where every individual is different but none without a skill or a virtue. A wise person appreciates this and uses his skills in the best manner, without complaining about shortcomings.

Are you really aware of your ‘self-interest’ in terms of happy inner living? Once an income-tax officer visited a doctor. Seeing him, the doctor started perspiring and his heartbeat went up, but the officer visited the clinic only to seek medical advice. Was he responsible for the doctor’s tension? No. The doctor had evaded taxes and his dishonesty troubled him.

Dishonesty is the most foolish thing to indulge in. One who deceives others deceives himself first. As soon as you tell a lie or befool somebody, your inner conflict will start, your breathing will become forced, and your heartbeat will go up. A lie-detector or a brain-mapping machine can quickly detect these changes. Losing your credibility and trust, and being forced to undergo punishment are additional consequences. Dishonesty will never make you feel righteous. But once you ‘wake up’ and see the inner effects of each act of your mind, speech and body, you can easily discriminate between what is in your self-interest and what is not, whether to love or to hate, whether to forgive or to take revenge.

The world is your own echo. So, before the echo comes from outside, decide whether what is happening inside you is making you happy or unhappy. When you compliment someone and say, “You are a nice person”, you will feel happy within, and feel a smile on your face. The echo, “You are also very good” may come from outside later. Let the light of Holistic Science mark an everlasting Deepavali within, so that you remain clash-free and happy and your positive vibes make others happy as well.

Holistic Science Research Centre Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation (VVCRF), Kamrej, Surat, Gujarat. For more information, visit holisticsciencest

Tags : Questions, Answers, Truth, Doctor, Happy, Garden, Deepavali, Echo, Inner light, Adjust


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