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2013 Holistic Science Seminars are here April 24, 2013

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Dear Friends,

The much anticipated 2013 Holistic Science Seminars are here. Each seminar will feature expert talks on how you can apply Holistic Science concepts for living a rich, meaningful and puzzle free life. The seminars will also shed light on the mysteries of the universe by answering questions such as: who created the universe? Who governs it? Who am I? How can one attain permanent bliss? This year we are also featuring interactive sessions with Holistic Science experts who will answer your questions on topics such as diet, money, professional life and communication.

You can obtain additional information about the seminars and register for these seminars by clicking on the links that are provided below. We hope to see you at these seminars.


If you have any questions, please do contact at discover

SOUTH EAST CHAPTER, Radha Krishnan • (865) 482-7068
NORTH EAST CHAPTER, Rajnibhai Patel • (724) 672-6564
MIDWEST CHAPTER, Manish Shah • (630) 306-5928
SOUTH CENTRAL CHAPTER, Harshadbhai Patel • (405) 747-6031 Dr. Geetaben Desai •(281) 507-4655
WEST COAST CHAPTER, Vijaybhai Patel • (949) 837-7901

facebookE549B0FE19F1.jpg?sfvrsn=0 ustreamC64A1280A713.jpg?sfvrsn=0 HSCRF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to HSCRF are tax-deductible.

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