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PPS Kanudadaji’s Sutra of the Day 2013-39 August 18, 2013

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"An incident has so many causes that get together scientifically and happens; if one cause is missing the incident will not happen."


(from Pragat Anubhav Gnan Sutra)

Please share your thoughts on this wonderful quote and the day-to-day experiences that apply.


Online Satsang with Aptaputras

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JS Mahatmas,


As a preparation for our weekly satsangs (2nd Sunday- youths and 4th Sunday- with Apta Putra Sundays by Youth in English and 3rd Sunday – with Apta Putra in Gujarati) from 11 am to noon EST starting Sept, we have created a profile.

We are requesting Mahatmas to please add below email address to your google Plus (hangout) profile. You can search by either jsssatsang or by "jss satsang".

Email: jsssatsang

Name: jss satsang

We also plan to start satsang for the juniors (age 4-12) on 1st Sundays from October. For those parents and children who are interested please contact Mili Patel at milismpatel


1. Youth Satsangs (in English) on the 2nd and 4th Sundays @ 11 a.m.- 12 noon (EST)

a. The format for the 2nd Sunday : 15 minutes vidhi, 15 minutes Dadaji video clip, 15 minute presentation by a youth, last 15 minute experience, Dadaji’s sutra from Aug-Sept 2012 Akram Vignan (PPP made by Hemaben from Louisville, KY). There will be no questions and answers in this satsang but will take questions via email to be answered by the Apta Putra in the 4thSunday satsang.

b. The satsang for the 4thSunday will be with Apta Putra. The satsang will start out with a Youth presentation, followed by more details on presentation as well as 2ndSunday presentation by Apta Putra. Then Questions and answers.

2. Adult and Youth Satsang (in Gujarati) on the 3rd Sundays @11 a.m. – 12 noon (EST) with Apta Putra. Apta Putra will be the Pad Book sattarginee (સત્તરગિણી) for this Satsang.

3. Junior Satang on 1st Sundays starting October with Apta Putra. We plan to start out with fundamentals and there will be some homework.


a. You must have a Google e-mail account and must join our hangout group JSS Satang.

b. Everyone will not be able to ask questions verbally due to the limitation of the people who can talk. Everyone will be able to listen and see. Therefore during the satsangs with Apta Putras one will have to provide the questions on ‘chat’.

c. During the 2nd Sundy satsang, questions will have to be send thru e-mail to the core team personnel so Apta Putra can answer them in the 4th Sunday satsang.


Youth Satsang : Dhimantbhai (Lead), Falguniben, Naimeshbhai, Ronakbhai, Snehaben

Adult Satsang: Falguniben (Lead), Alpaben, Bhavnaben, Ronakbhai

Junior Satsang: Miliben (Lead), Alpaben, Falguniben

Apta Putras coordination: Falguniben (Lead), Alpaben, Miliben