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August articles are here!! August 23, 2013

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Personal Experience – Results from my Experiements with Holistic Inner Science

Life these days is very fast paced. There is little scope and time to experience peace and tranquility, as there is an over-abundance of stress, anxiety, and worries about the future. There is little or no time to contemplate on the goals of life. From the time one wakes up, there is a laundry-list of things to do and the entire day has been pre-programmed with external activities.
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Holistic vision and Integral living

Study of Ved and Upanishads have been uplifting, inspiring and aim at overall peace, happiness, harmony, universal love and oneness with ultimate aim of liberation. Self realization or realization of true nature of reality i.e. pure conscious, pure self is the centre of knowledge. Thus it aims at higher living in relative and ultimate experience of pure self or Brahman in real.
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That is Vidya (Jnanam) Which Liberates

It removes distances and melts differences. It ends conflicts and confusions… No wars, no blood-shed…
Mom : A happy New Year, my dear Anand.
Anand : A very happy New Year to you, Mom.
Mom : Do you know Anand, what enlightened persons wish on the New Year’s morning ?
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Vedic View of Life – A Holistic Science of life and Art of Living

From times immemorial Human beings have wondered about the mystery of creation and destruction, life and death, cosmos and consciousness, energy and matter. He has always been looking for the Creator. He has wondered about the forces of nature and tried to solve the mystery of his own Existence. He has formulated different views, theories and beliefs based on his experiences.
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