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Purusharth of the Day Nov 20th November 19, 2013

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JS, Mahatmas,

Attached is Nov 20 Sutra and Purusarth of the Day! Have a wonderful, blissful Purusarth day for firming up the Agnas!

Our Bhave is to say, "Agna palvi saheli che !" An affirmative answer to Kanudadji’s often asked question.

PAD Reference:

૨૦ પોતપણું રાખયું, ત્યાં લગણ દુ:ખ છે; સત્તરંગિણી, page no. ૮૭

English Translation of the Sutra

20. For settling of ‘Files’ (person or situation) amicably, potapanu(insistence on one’s expectation) is the hindrance. -Pujya Kanudadji

Today’s “Real” Inner effort

Resolve not to protect your prakruti (yourself), to let go of your potapanu (insistence) and to act according to other’s opinion.

PAD – potapanu raaykhu, tya lagan dukh che…………


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