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Purusharth of the Day Nov 22 November 22, 2013

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JS, Mahatmas,

Attached is Nov 22 Sutra and Purusarth of the Day! Have a wonderful, blissful Purusarth day for firming up the Agnas!

Our Bhave is to say, "Agna palvi saheli che !" An affirmative answer to Kanudadji’s often asked question.

English Translation of the Sutra

22. “To settle ‘Files’ amicably” is called Shuddh upayog. –Pujya Kanudadaji

Today’s “Real” Inner effort

For liberation (moksh), chikni ‘File’ (troublesome persons) are most helpful. Today mentally thank them for their obligation (as they have helped you in clearing your karmic debts) and wish for their well being (kalyan).


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