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Gnan Labdhi Parva Letter to PPS Kanudadaji from JSS Youth February 15, 2014

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દાદા ભગવાનના અસીમ જય જય કાર હો !

Dearest Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji,

On behalf of all JSS Youth, Mahatmas and all Mankind and all things living, we heartily wish Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji the happiest ‘Gnan Labdhi Parva’ this auspicious day.

On this magnificent day, PPS Kanudadaji, Shree Dada Bhagwan graced You with the divine eyes to see ‘Kanudadaji’ as ‘Dada’s’ first neighbor and become the Purest of Pure Souls. With utmost humility, Your Divine Self said that auspicious day in February 1963, “Dadaji, shall I tell You the truth? Until yesterday, I was living life like a fish taken out of water! But, You put me back in the water!”

PPS Kanudadaji, please bless us all today so that we can constantly experience the bliss of living our dynamic lives in the same humble purity which Shree Dada Bhagwan blessed You this day 51 years ago.

Please bless us so that we do not get blindsided by slipping and dwelling into the ‘Relative’ state instead of the constant application of Agnas #1, 2, & 3.

Please bless us all today to exactly apply Dadaji’s 4th Agna in all of ‘Our’ ‘Relative’ accounts so that we too can live our lives as gracefully as Your Divine Self.

It is a true marvel that even the youngest members of Shree Dada Bhagwan’s Divya Sangh value

His Gnan even before receiving this divine omnivision. Please bless our youngest members with the opportunity to live their lives as gracefully as Your Divine Self through Dadaji’s Gnan for generations to come.

We have also attached a Prathna of the Junior JSS Youth (from a Grandpa’s diary). Our utmost and deepest humble obeisance to Your Divine Self and Pujya Manharba on this auspicious day.

Jai Sachchidanand,

JSS Youth

Please see attachment –

જય સચ્ચિદાનંદ .pdf


One Response to “Gnan Labdhi Parva Letter to PPS Kanudadaji from JSS Youth”

  1. mukesh Desai Says:

    Aho,aho;dhanya chhe aa Jss youth;very inspiring Thank you so much for this post;arena lidheli Mari potani prarthna thhye gayi on this super-auspicious Anniversary of Gnanlabdhi parva Aaa prarthna daily bahuj useful thashe Mukesh na Jaisacidanand


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