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Guru Purnima 2014 Edmonton, Canada July 27, 2014

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Jai Sachchidanand to the Mahatmas of Edmonton and Canada,

On behalf of all Mahatmas from the US, we would like to express our warmest "Jai Sachchidanand!" for all your hospitality during Guru Purnima and Youth Shibir this year in Edmonton. It was truly a unique experience for all. Your "Bhaav" to host this auspicious event was extraordinary and by PPS Dadaji’s divine grace, it was carried forth in this most joyous and auspicious occasion. It truly didn’t feel like we were away from PPS Dadaji.

2014 Edmonton, Canada Shibir/Guru Purnima Satsang Videos:

2014 Edmonton, Canada Shibir/Guru Purnima Photos:

Furthermore, on behalf of the Mahatmas of East Tennessee, we would like to again extend a warm invitation to you all for Guru Purnima & Youth Shibir next year. It’ll truly be another warm and unique experience, so please plan to attend!

Jai Sachchidanand,
JSSY & Mahatmas USA


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