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Pearls of Wisdom for a Home Sweet Home October 3, 2014

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Jai Sat Chit Anand Bhagyashari Mahatmas of the Americas,

On behalf of HSCRF we are delighted to announce the first
official publication to the public at-large for the purpose of
presenting an inner understanding of holistic science in the
art of living as experienced, lived and shared by Dada Bhagavan –

“Pearls of Wisdom for a Home Sweet Home”

With the request, permission, guidance, blessings and grace of
Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji, this book officially published
on August 25th, 2014.

We encourage you, as Mahatmas of Dadaji, to get your
e-Book or paperback copy and post your reviews.

Your feedback is incredibly important and valuable to
us as we move forward in presenting the inner understanding
of Holistic Science of Dada Bhagavan to the people of this

In order to get your e-copy or paperback version,
you may go to –



Search books – Pearls of Wisdom for a Home Sweet Home. The e-book is $3.99 and the paperback ranges from
$14.24 – $15.99 depending on the website you use.

Any proceeds from book sales will go directly to HSCRF after the publisher’s cut in the form of royalties.