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November Articles and Book Announcement November 11, 2014

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Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce the publication of HSCRF book, presenting an inner understanding of holistic science in the art of living as experienced, lived and shared by Holistic Scientist –

49.jpg"Pearls of Wisdom for a Home Sweet Home"

With the blessings and grace of Holistic Scientist Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji.

We encourage all patrons of Holistic Inner Science of Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation to get your e-Book or paperback copy and post your reviews. Your feedback is incredibly important and valuable to us as we move forward in presenting the inner understanding of Holistic Inner Science to the people of this world.
In order to get your e-copy or paperback version, you may go to –
Search books – Pearls of Wisdom for a Home Sweet Home. The e-book is $3.99 and the paperback ranges from $14.24 – $15.99 depending on the website you use. All proceeds from book sales will go directly to HSCRF after the publisher’s cut in the form of royalties.

We encourage you to read it, offer your feedback, post reviews and share with friends & family. It can be a wonderful engagement or wedding gift!

We thank you for becoming a part of our family and encourage you, your families and friends to attend our next year’s seminar and ask questions and get clarifications on the daily life puzzles.

November articles are below.

Answers to kids’ Questions – Part 1
Dr. Shaileshanandji answers kids’ questions about Holistic Science.

Meaning of Jai Satchitanand
The word Satchitanand is comprised of 3 small words, Sat, Chit, Anand.

"Sat" stands for eternal. If we see in our world, inside us and outside us, everything is changing. That means it begins and it ends but according to the enlightened ones, our own pure self and that of everybody’s own pure self is eternal or perpetual. Similarly there are five more elements that are eternal, so whatever is eternal is said to be "Sat". i.e. perpetual (permanent).

"Chit" is to know and to see, if you observe a chair or a camera, can it know itself or see by itself? No.

It is only that atman or pure self or chetan which has the property of knowing and seeing. The other five elements do not have the knowing and seeing property.

"Anand" or bliss is the inherent property of pure conscious or Atman.

In summary,
"Sat" means eternal, "Chit" means to know and see and "Anand" is bliss. So everyone’s’ real self is permanent, with knowing and seeing power and has the inherent property of bliss. Read more

Q&A with Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji – Part 1
Holistic Scientist: So basically a ‘Sat Purush’ is distinctly separate from a ‘Sant Purush’. A ‘Sant Purush’ guides us in relative life to be away from negative life-forces and try to be on the positive side. But he himself may not be totally on the positive side. It is difficult because anything can go on inside the mind.

In medical science, one can dissect the human body and come to know all about the physical anatomy, but the mind cannot be dissected. This surgery, i.e. the separation of the Body and the Soul, which is at the level of the mind, can only be performed by a live, self-realized Soul. Just as in physical surgery, the cause of the disease has to be removed for the person to be cured, similarly in this surgery, whatever bonding forces are there between the two – the Body and the Soul, have to be removed. And this removal is not the function of physical activity. This activity is non-physical. It is a state-wise activity of an inner, experienced, self-realized state. It is the self-realized state within, that works in the surgery through the medium of a live body, which is a mere ‘Instrument’. How to explain to you what a Gnani is? Who in the world can understand Him? Read more



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