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Subscribe to Sangh’s & HSCRF’s YouTube channel June 13, 2015

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Jai Sachcidanand Dear kalyanmurty, samkitdhari, Jagatkalyani mahatma o

Happy week end to you all.

May I request you all to spare 5-10 minutes and subscribe JSS & HSCRF YouTube channel for watching videos?

Our youth is working really hard to make everything available for we all mahatmas.

Now its our duty to encourage them for this noble divine cause.

All youths will be very happy when they will see the numbers of ‘subscriber’ & ‘view’ increases on every channel & video.
Meaning mahatmas are using all these stuff uploaded by them for their progress towards completion of this Science.

When you will see the following YouTube channels, you will surely amazed by the amount & size of upload made by our youths. and may be ashamed by very poor use of it for our own progress.

Links are pasted here, so can straight away go to the channel and subscribe for it. And don’t forget to have a glance at the videos available there.
Whenever any new upload is made, you will receive mail from the YouTube channel.
It will also show how many videos are uploaded after our last visit.

1) jssvitragvignan- PPS dadaji’s edited videos in HD


60 subscribers • 2,388 views
Joined Jul 30, 2014

2) jss satsang- Aptaputras live satsang


231 subscribers • 23,805 views
Joined Aug 19, 2013

3) HSCRF-live talk show & seminar videos


47 subscribers • 2,440 views
Joined Apr 23, 2013

4) https://jssyouth.wordpress.com/

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