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January articles are here! January 5, 2016

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Dear Friends,
The Holistic Science team wishes you a Happy New Year !

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January articles are below.

The real yearning to be free


Holistic Scientist: The one who desires to be bound won’t get the opportunities to be free and the one who desires to be free won’t get the opportunities to be bound. Does anyone really have the desire to be free?

Aspirant: That is exactly what we are looking for. Everyone loves freedom.

Holistic Scientist: No, nobody has really ever desired to be free! People have only liked the desire to be bound.

Aspirant: Well, we want to be free. How can we be free?

Holistic Scientist: No, not like that. One must have the real desire to be free.

Aspirant: But such a question is asked only when one has got such a desire, isn’t it

Holistic Scientist: No, everyone has got such fleeting desires. Everybody definitely desires to be free. Nobody likes bondage. Everyone definitely gets tired of it. But the real desire to be free means, one never forgets that desire for freedom. Only then one can be free. But don’t you forget it for some time? Do you go to sleep at night or not
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Holistic Vision and Understanding of Human Life and Living
Mankind has gone through great lengths to unleash the power of his mind to gain mastery over his environment. The world is changing everyday replacing yesterday’s garb by a more brilliant and an unexpected one. The unlimited power of science and invention has positively changed our living standards. It appears as if our physical evolution is complete. At the same time, the problems of today have become so complex that a superficial smattering of knowledge is inadequate to enable the layman to grasp them all, much less to discuss them. This fact has been exploited from time to time by the so called materialistic scientists and religious zealots by misrepresenting the truth and misleading the public. Man’s moral evolution is far from over. The time has come for all men and women of good heart and good intentions to become conscious of the part they can and must play if our life on this planet is to endure the internal and external challenges that confront us today. Everybody shares a responsibility for the future. This can materialize into a constructive effort only if people realize the full meaning of their lives, the significance of their endeavors and their struggles, the faith in the Divine potential within us, and the bond that binds us together as one human. In short our aim in life should be humanistic, first and last. We should use our innate abilities which are virtually limitless, and yet ignored, for a higher purpose than our physical and social requirements. To achieve this we have to turn inward and know the truth of ourselves and our responsibilities as humans. Read more


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